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A LavishGUI 2 radialpanel element is a specialized panel where the children are automatically visually placed one after another in a clockwise pattern around the radialpanel's center. Each child is assigned a Radial Item with additional properties used by the radialpanel.

Defining a radialpanel element

A radialpanel element is a panel with the addition of properties used for the radial layout.

radialpanel element properties
deadZone A numeric value indicating the radius of the dead zone
liveZone A numeric value indicating the radius of the live zone (added on top of the dead zone and zone margin sizes), which specifies the default size of radial items
zoneMargin A numeric value indicating the radius of the margin between the dead and live zones
deadZoneBrush A Brush definition specifying the brush for the dead zone
originDegrees A numeric value (in degrees clockwise from top) indicating the position to start the radial layout from
resolution A numeric value indicating the number of edges that should be used for rendering the perimeter of radial items
childSize A Size definition specifying the area to reserve for each child element
radialItem A Radial Item definition specifying additional rendering options for each segment


LavishGUI 2 Element Types

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Core API (see Using LavishGUI 2 from LavishScript)
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