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A LavishGUI 2 border element is a single-child element with a standard Border. Many other types of elements also support a standard Border.

Defining a border element

A border element is a Element with the addition of a "child" property, and standard Border properties.

Border element properties
child A Element definition specifying the sole child of the border element
borderBrush A Brush definition specifying the brush for the standard Border
backgroundBrush A Brush definition specifying the brush for the background inside the Border
borderThickness A Thickness definition specifying the thickness for the standard Border
horizontalContentAlignment The horizontal alignment of the child element; one of "none" "stretch" "left" "right" "center"
verticalContentAlignment The vertical alignment of the child element; one of "none" "stretch" "top" "bottom" "center"


A border element, with a 1 pixel thick white border around a black background containing a textblock
  "type": "border",
  "child": "My border has some text!",
  "borderBrush": {
    "color": [ 1.0, 1.0, 1.0 ]
  "backgroundBrush": {
    "color": [ 0, 0, 0 ]
  "borderThickness": 1    

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