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A LavishGUI 2 button element is a standard Content Container element, which can be "Pressed" in various ways (such as a mouse click), usually to activate some behavior.

Defining a button element

A button element is a Content Container, with added events and styles relating to button behavior.


button events
Define these Event Handlers within an "eventHandlers" Object
onPress The button is now pressed
onRelease The button is now released
onPressedChanged The Pressed state has been changed


button styles
Define these Styles within a "styles" Object
onPress The button is now pressed
onRelease The button is now released


A button element, with a 1 pixel thick white border around a black background containing a textblock.
When clicked, this button will execute the LavishScript code: MyController:HandleButton1
See lgui2eventargs for an example controller with onMouseButtonMove
  "type": "button",
  "name": "button1",
  "content": "My border has some text!",
  "borderBrush": {
    "color": [ 1.0, 1.0, 1.0 ]
  "backgroundBrush": {
    "color": [ 0, 0, 0 ]
  "borderThickness": 1
  "eventHandlers": {
    "onRelease": ["method","MyController","HandleButton1"]

LavishGUI 2 Element Types

LavishGUI 2 LavishScript Object Types

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