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Object Type Vitals
Defined By LavishScript
Inherits none
Reduces To Same as ID
Variable Object Type none
Uses Sub-Types no
C/C++ Type void*


See Tasks


  • string Name: Name of the Task Library
  • int64 ID: ID of the Task Library
  • jsonvalue Task[name]: Retrieve the stored JSON object that defines a Task by a given name. Because a Task Library "is" a JSON object, .Task[name] does the same as .JSON[name]
  • jsonobject JSON: The JSON object containing the set of defined Tasks. (A Task Library "is" a JSON object.)
  • jsonvalue JSON[...]: A shortcut to retrieve a value from the JSON object containing the set of defined Tasks


  • Clear: Clears all Tasks defined in the Task Library
  • Destroy: Destroys the Task Library, such that it can no longer be found via lavishmachine.TaskLibrary[name]
  • AddTask[name,jsonobject]: Adds a new Task by name. A Task is defined by a JSON object. Example: MyTaskLibrary:AddTask[Hello World,"{\"type\":\"ls1.echo\",\"output\":\"Hello World!\"}"]
  • RemoveTask[name]: Removes a defined Task by name


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