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Object Type Vitals
Defined By LavishScript
Inherits none
Reduces To The string representation of this number
Variable Object Type byte
Uses Sub-Types no
C/C++ Type unsigned char


Similar to an int, a byte is a whole number. The range of a byte is 0-255.




  • Inc: Increments this byte by 1
  • Inc[formula]: Increments this byte by a given amount
  • Dec: Decrements this bye by 1
  • Dec[formula]: Decrements this byte by a given amount
  • Set[formula]: Sets this bye to a given value


Declare a byte variable

  • declare Age byte "128"

Increment a byte variable

  • Age:Inc

Decrement a byte variable

  • Age:Dec

Set a byte variable to a given value

  • Age:Set[30]

Add two byte variables

  • TotalAge:Set[${Age1}+${Age2}]
  • Cookies:Inc[${NewCookies}]

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