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Object Type Vitals
Defined By LavishScript
Inherits string
Reduces To the stored text
Variable Object Type mutablestring
Uses Sub-Types no
C/C++ Type utf8string *

A string, also known as text is a series of consecutive characters. Mutable indicates that the string may be modified.


  • string String: Retrieves the appropriate string object from this mutablestring


  • Set[text]: Sets the value of the string to this new text
  • Concat[text]: Concatenates the string with this new text
  • ToUpper: Converts the string to upper case
  • ToLower: Converts the string to lower case

Declaring string Variables

  • Any string variable is a mutablestring
  • declare Food string "Pizza"
  • declare Word string script

Setting string Variables

  • string1:Set[This is string 1]
  • string2:Set[${string3}]

Comparing Strings

declare name1 string "fred"
declare name2 string "george"
if ${name1.Equal[${name2}]}
    echo We're both named fred!

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