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Object Type Vitals
Defined By LavishScript
Inherits none
Reduces To Same as Hex
Variable Object Type rgb
Uses Sub-Types no
C/C++ Type _RGBCOLOR *

Short for red, green, blue, an rgb type describes a complete color, comprised of the primary colors of light.


  • string Hex: A hexadecimal value representing the color, in the form rrggbb. For example, "ff0000" is full red.
  • byte Red: 0-255 indicating the amount of red
  • byte Green: 0-255 indicating the amount of green
  • byte Blue: 0-255 indicating the amount of blue


  • Set: Sets the rgb hex to a given value


Same as Hex


Declare an rgb variable

  • declare Color rgb FF0000

Display a rgb variables red amount

  • echo Red: ${Color.Red}

Display a rgb variables green amount

  • echo Green: ${Color.Green}

Display a rgb variables blue amount

  • echo Blue: ${Color.Blue}

Set a rgb variables color

  • Color:Set[FF00FF]

Operates On


See lstype.h

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