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          Inner Space
         Version 1.11
 (c) 2004-2012 Lavish Software

1.11 Build 5751

- Improved "Fullscreen Windowed" (in various games) setting behavior
- Fixed a rendering bug with Wizardry Online (beta)
- Fixed a bug with the left-handed mouse setting in Windows, which broke Diablo 3's 
 click-and-hold to move functionality for left-handed players
- PlanetSide 2 compatibility update
- Improved support for files and folders with Unicode (international) names
- Experimental fixes for some Direct3D-related crashes 
- Added Relay target operator #, which selects the nth element from the set on its left.
 This is similar in function to %, but without wrapping around.
- Crash reports include a timestamp
- LavishScript 2 Standard Environment version 0.9.20121123.1

1.11 Build 5714

- Added native support for Microsoft Sidewinder X4 S-keys
- Torchlight 2 compatibility update
- Fixed a bug with some games, including World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2, not restoring the 
 mouse position after mouselook in certain conditions
- Improved Guild Wars 2 mouse panning
- Added LavishScript data type audio, and top-level object Audio
- ismenuitem type now supports a Checked state
 * bool ismenuitem.IsChecked 
 * ismenuitem:SetCheck[bool]
 * ismenu:AddCommand and ismenu.AddCommand both accept an optional 3rd parameter for Checked state
- OSExecute command now provides information upon failure
- LavishScript 2.0 interface (Alpha) is now available via ISXDK 32a with the ls2module SDK.
- Added LavishScript data type method
 * lavishscript:Eval[command,index:string]
   - Evaluates the given command, directing any lines of output into an index:string
- Added LavishScript data types lavishscript2, ls2module, ls2script
- Added LavishScript top-level object LavishScript2
- LavishScript 2 Standard Environment version 0.8.20121026.1

1.11 Build 5670

- Fixed a bug with World of Warcraft in DirectX 9 mode, where LavishGUI textures would disappear
 with High quality shadows enabled
- Guild Wars 2 compatibility update
- Second Life compatibility update
- Fixed upside-down background cursor in OpenGL

1.11 Build 5664

- Improved Windows 8 compatibility (EVE Online will now launch correctly)
- Improved Virtual File compatibility
- D3D11 support now explicitly uses d3d11.dll from the Windows System folder. This 
 corrects a problem with EverQuest 2, which currently patches in DirectX 10 and 
 DirectX 11 files to the EverQuest 2 folder. The files EverQuest 2 is currently 
 patching in are not intended for redistribution and are not supposed to be in the
 EverQuest 2 folder.
- Added data type methods direct3d9:SetCursorColor[########] and direct3d11:SetCursorColor[########]

1.11 Build 5658

- Added native support for Logitech G600 Mouse buttons
- Added support for a supplemental non-Administrator program to pass commands to Inner Space
- Added data type method gdiwindow:SelectMenuItem[submenu...,item] to activate a menu item
 * Example: Display.Window:SelectMenuItem[&File,&Open...]
- Added data type method display:Screencap[-flags,filename.ext,x1,y1,x2,y2]
 * Flags and x1,y1,x2,y2 rectangle are optional
 * Flags:
   -directx: (Default) Perform the screencap with Direct3D-based capture; supports PNG, JPG, BMP
   -desktop: Perform the screencap with desktop-based capture (includes any windows on top, etc); supports BMP
   -clientcoords: (Default) Screencap coordinates given are based on the game client
   -screencoords: Screencap coordinates given are based on the desktop
 * Image encoding is automatically derived from the filename ending in .bmp, .jpg or .png; desktop capture
   currently supports BMP and PNG encoding
 * Examples:
   Display:Screencap[myscreencap.jpg] - capture game window

Display:Screencap[myscreencap.jpg,100,100,164,164] - capture a 64x64 region at 100,100 Display:Screencap[-desktop,myscreencap.bmp] - capture game window plus layers on top of it Display:Screencap[-desktop,-screencoords,myscreencap.bmp,0,0,1600,900] - capture a 1600x900 desktop

- Added data type methods direct3d9:DisableVSync and direct3d11:DisableVSync

1.11 Build 5642

- Fixed a bug with Realm of the Mad God on Intel graphics

1.11 Build 5637

- More cursor/resolution fixes
- Fixed a bug with keys not working in Runes of Magic
- Fixed a bug with Warhammer Online streaming client not working
- Fixed a bug with with KeePass password management utility
- Dragging a LavishGUI window completely off the screen should now be more difficult. If you really
 want to do it, hold Shift.
- Added port numbers to the OnUplinkConnected and OnUplinkDisconnected events, with port equal to 0
 if the connection was not made FROM this uplink:
 * OnUplinkConnected[ip address,port]
 * OnUplinkDisconnected[ip address,port,name]
- Improved WPF compatibility
- LavishGUI list box item "values" are now strings instead of ints.

1.11 Build 5616

- Drastically improved performance of uplink networking. Multi-PC ISBoxer users will see immediate
- Fixed a bug with Alt Gr not operating correctly for some keyboard layouts
- Dark Age of Camelot compatibility update
- Perpetuum compatibility update
- Text-to-Speech can now be done through the Speech object (speech type) in the Uplink
 * speech:Speak[text to speak]
 * speech:Speak[-volume,0.5,-speed,0.5,text to speak]
- The new Speak command can also be used for Text-to-Speech in the Uplink
 * speak "text to speak"
 * speak -volume 0.5 -speed 0.5 "text to speak"
- httpget command now supports additional parameters to perform http POST. These parameters must
 come before all others (-atom, -file or the URL)
 * -postparam <NAME> <VALUE>
 * -postfile <NAME> <FILENAME>
 * example: httpget -postfile screencap "MyScreenshot.jpg"

1.11 Build 5604

- Cursor positioning overhaul
- Fake cursor (e.g. visible during broadcasting) should now work in many cases where it previously did not
- Guild Wars 1 and 2 compatibility update
- Fixed a Star Trek Online crash
- Fixed a bug with the TERA Launcher
- Minecraft compatibility update
- Initial OpenGL rendering support, tested with Minecraft and World of Warcraft
 * Known issue: Fake cursor does not render correctly
 * Known issue: Text quality needs improvement
 * Known issue: ISBoxer Window Layouts with small windows + Instant Swapping look wrong
- Fixed bugs with system:SetClipboardText and system.ClipboardText...

1.11 Build 5578

- ISBoxer Users, please update to build 40.2.405.1 or later if your Window Layout stops working.
- Improved Diablo 3 launching time
- Fixed a bug with the Alt key in EVE Online
- Improved fileredirect (Virtual File) compatibility
- LavishScript
 * Fixed a bug with scripted math not short circuiting in some cases

1.11 Build 5564

- Diablo 3 Beta compatibility
- Windows 8 compatibility
- Improved fileredirect (Virtual File) compatibility

1.11 Build 5551

- Compatibility update for new EVE Online launcher
- Fixed a crash that could happen when using Windows' Encrypted File System feature
- LavishScript queries now accept _ToString as a field name

1.11 Build 5547

- Fixed a bug with launching Aion
- Initial support for Steam games
 * Realm of the Mad God should work via Steam
 * Terraria is also known to be working well
 * Compatibility with other Steam games currently unknown -- please report back!
 * The Steam overlay (Shift+Tab) may not yet be fully interactive and stable
- Fixed a bug with the Alt key in Star Wars: The Old Republic 
- Fixed a bug with Star Trek Online freezing
- Fixed issues with some input languages not working correctly
- Real-time log parsing can now be done with the LogReader object (logreader type). This
 can be used to develop damage meter widgets, multiboxing chat window widgets, and more.
 * logreader:RegisterLog["filename with wildcards supporting #*?","LavishScript event name"]
 * logreader:UnregisterLog["filename with wildcards supporting #*?","LavishScript event name"]
 * The LavishScript event prototypes as: LogEvent[string filename,string action,string text]
   where action is one of "open" "close" or "line", and text is the logged text for the "line" 
 * Log file lines will also be passed through the LavishScript Trigger parser
- The dotnet command now accepts a '-disableconcurrentgc' switch. This can be used to help debug
 .NET applications, but may hinder performance. To use it, issue 'dotnet -disableconcurrentgc'
 before launching any appdomains.

1.11 Build 5521

- Various compatibility updates
- Fixed a double input issue with Megaten game
- Fixed input stoppage in Star Trek Online
- .NET 4.0 runtime is now supported. 
 * Windows XP is limited to .NET 2.0-3.5, even if .NET 4.0 is installed

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