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Recent Release Notes

           Inner Space
          Version 1.05
  (c) 2004-2005 Lavish Software

1.05 Build 3824

- LavishScript 1.88 -

1.05 Build 3802

- LavishScript 1.87 -
- LSModule v15
- ISXDK v28
- Fixed memory leaks in XML, settings and GUI
- Fixed input loss bug in EverQuest 1
- LavishNav, the new navigational system, is now active.  The old nav system is still in tact for now.  See
- Added object types:
 * gdiwindow
- Added object type members:
 * gdiwindow display.Window
- Added Relay command for sessions to avoid issues with re-parsing commands with the Uplink command
- Fixed issue with Uplink not being compatible with some video cards
- Fixed bug with comments in setting files progressively growing whitespace

1.04 Build 3520

- Fixed a bug with undetouring and then re-detouring with the same trampoline

1.04 Build 3503

- LavishScript 1.86 -
- Fixed a memory leak in the utf8string library in ISXDK that affected several areas of Inner Space
- Fixed problems with detecting if a file with a UTF-8 filename exists
- XML parser now supports CDATA

1.04 Build 3450

- LavishScript 1.85 -
- Triggers now support atoms.  If the name given to AddTrigger is the name of an atom (as opposed
  to a normal function), that atom will be immediately executed, rather than queued.
- Uplink console spam is now removed in favor of targeted relay response.  In other words, if you
  relay a command from one session to another, you will see the output in the session the command
  was sent from.
- Game detection paths can now use folder aliases %PROGRAMFILES% %SYSTEM% and %WINDOWS%
- Added games to default list:
  * Age of Empires III

1.03 Build 3382

- LavishScript 1.84 -
- Fixed command truncation issue with relaying commands to a remote uplink
- Improved DirectInput handler, which fixes input leaks in EverQuest 1, and possibly other games
  (FFXI Online comes to mind, but I don't have a valid FFXI account to test that with to know for sure)
- Support added all-around for UTF-8 filenames

1.03 Build 3363

- LavishScript 1.83 -
- Fixed a crash in D3D9 engine when Direct3D9 failed to initialize
- Fixed a shutdown crash
- Added Hybrid Mouse option (for use with EverQuest 1)

1.03 Build 3354

- Fixed minor bugs
- Fixed hole in stealth system that allowed Warden to detect Inner Space extensions

1.03 Build 3353

- Fixed bug with navpoint.Incoming
- Added data type members:
  uint navpoint.ID
- Fixed some crash issues

1.03 Build 3334

- Fixed crash on exit
- Fixed LavishGUI gauge tessellation

1.03 Build 3331

- ISXDK v27 (old extensions must be updated)
- LSModule v14 (old LavishScript modules must be updated)
- LavishScript 1.81 -
- LavishGUI 0.66 -
- Font support has been changed to use Windows fonts.  The font system now supports
- The default font has been changed from Terminal, which contains only ANSI characters,
  to Courier, which supports UTF-8 and is pretty
- The default uplink UI has been improved a bit.  We will be working on adding some new
  UI stuff to make things easier on newcomers as well
- Relay command should now be able to relay directly to remote uplinks, not just sessions
- Inner Space now handles crashes smoothly when initially loading an extension, and will
  give a relevant warning such as "perhaps this extension was not meant to be loaded in
  the uplink" or this game
- Fixed crash in XMLSetting command with -get

1.02 Build 3300

- Fixed some crash issues
- The crash reporting system now uses a new executable (the Lavish CrashMobile) to send
  the crash report if the "Report Error" button is clicked.  This will prevent the
  crashed application from hanging while attempting to send the crash report.  Additionally,
  hitting enter when typing in the crash window box will no longer automatically press the
  Send Report button :)
- Fixed typo in navigation system that caused paths to be incorrectly computed

1.02 Build 3285

- LavishScript 1.80 -

1.02 Build 3284

- Crash report improvements
- Fixed some crash issues
- Fixed EverQuest issues introduced in build 3279.

1.02 Build 3279

- Improved loading speed in some games
- Fixed some crash issues

1.02 Build 3273

- Inner Space crashes should now be caught automatically, and allow the option of sending
  us a crash report.

1.02 Build 3210

- Fixed incompatibility (crash) with World of Warcraft Launcher

1.02 Build 3196

- Removed code that reloads setting files in other sessions when saving them while we fix
  a problem with that

1.02 Build 3195

- ISXDK v26 (old extensions must be updated)
- LavishGUI 0.65 -
- LavishScript 1.78 -
- Inner Space now natively supports the use of alternative scripting engines.  The command 
  shell (console) is still LavishScript, and probably always will be, but this should not 
  be perceived as limiting your ability to automate.  Engines may be added and externally
  accessed (e.g. by other extensions that may want to add objects and functions to the
  engine) via the new "Script Engine" service.  ISXLua5 will provide an open source
  example for implementing script engines by adding a Lua 5.0 script engine.
  Script engines can add file extensions to be handled by the RunScript command (e.g.
  "run test" may run a file called test.lua), and the RunScript command also supports
  the *nix #! format, such as #!/usr/local/bin/perl or #!/usr/bin/env perl.  Scripts should
  be written (and the engines implemented) in such a way that, given the same extensions to 
  the language (additional objects, functions, modules, etc), the script would run on a *nix 
- Fixed issue that allowed launching multiple Inner Space Uplinks
- Fixed navigation point custom field problem with reading from XML
- Fixed incompatibility with Dark Age of Camelot
- Added games to default list:
  * Civilization 4

1.01 Build 3124

- Fixed navigation system issue

1.01 Build 3117

- Fixed "settingxml command" spam

1.01 Build 3106

- LavishGUI 0.64 -
- Resolved versioning problem that lead to crashes with LavishScript modules
- The default console's default backbuffer size is now set to 1000.  It was 500 originally,
  but the BackBufferSize property was recently added in LavishGUI and without a default set,
  happened to set the size to a meager 100 lines.

1.01 Build 3105

- ISXDK v25
- LSModule v13
- LavishScript 1.77 -
- LavishGUI 0.63 -
- UI elements that have width or height changes in the UI will automatically reset
  their stored size and position
- Setting file saves should correctly propagate to other sessions
- The default patcher window now shows the latest patch notes, using a new type of LavishGUI
  element that is still under construction (so it doesn't have scroll bars and other
  convenient features at the moment, but does work)
- There is now an option to download unstable patches, which is off by default.  This will 
 be used in the future to allow problems to be discovered by a wider range of testers
 before general use.
- When Inner Space restarts automatically for patching, it will now remove the defunct
  icon from the system tray

1.00 Build 3071

- LavishScript 1.75 -
- Fixed internal "sessions" count in the uplink.  This means the "Patch Now" button will
  work correctly after you have closed your sessions, instead of thinking there are still
  sessions open. 

1.00 Build 3066

- LavishScript 1.74 -

1.00 Build 3060

- LavishScript 1.73 -

1.00 Build 3055

- Improved general stealth capabilities 

1.00 Build 3043

- LavishScript 1.72 -

1.00 Build 3035

- Fixed version number base error in extension loading.  It now shows the proper numbers. 

1.00 Build 3034

- ISXDK v24
- LSModule v12
- LavishGUI 0.62 -
- LavishScript 1.71 -
- Inner Space is quietly exiting from "beta" which it has sat comfortably in for a good
  10 months or so, for no particular reason.