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Beta 0.999 Build 3000
- LavishGUI 0.61 -

Beta 0.999 Build 2996
- LavishGUI 0.60 -
- Fixed dataset:Clear
- Profiles are now sorted in the uplink's launch menus 

Beta 0.999 Build 2991
- LavishScript 1.70 -
- Added data type methods:
- Optimized graphical drawing routines 

Beta 0.999 Build 2990
- Fixed bug with framerate limiter that was causing foreground framerate limiting to
  default to "constant" mode, which resulted in lower framerates than desired.  Foreground
  limiting is now forced to "calculate" mode when the Uplink is launched. 

Beta 0.999 Build 2986
- Fixed texture crispness and single-pixel bleeding issue
- Added "Make Shortcut" button to profile editor in the default uplink UI, and fixed the
  issue that made the profile editor not show up right since build 2972 

Beta 0.999 Build 2984
- Fixed potential framerate issue

Beta 0.999 Build 2972
- LavishScript 1.69 -
- LavishGUI 0.59 -
- Fixed Add Game window
- Restored Game and Profile objects
- Restored Gamma command
- The uplink's Open and MakeShortcut commands are now updated, and require both a game name 
  AND profile name.
- The default configuration window (which is defined in DefaultUplinkUI.xml if anyone is
  curious) now has methods for adding, removing and renaming profiles, and removing games 

Beta 0.999 Build 2962
- Fixed navworld:Export save location 

Beta 0.999 Build 2961
- Global hotkeys functionality restored
- Failing to create the main uplink display no longer prevents Inner Space from patching

Beta 0.999 Build 2956
- Follow-up patch to 2952 to fix LavishScript crash issue when a script shuts down 

Beta 0.999 Build 2952
- LavishScript 1.68 -
- The new uplink window should no longer automatically pop up, unless there is a patch 

Beta 0.999 Build 2942
- LavishScript 1.67 -
- LavishGUI 0.58 -
- ISXDK v23
- LSModule v11
- Inner Space has been refactored.  Features previously only available in sessions are
  now available both in sessions and the uplink, via the new Inner Space Kernel.  A few
  features are KNOWN to be broken at this time, but we will be restoring functionality
  as soon as possible.  Please report any problems you experience immediately so we can 
  get you back on track.
- Games.XML and Profiles.XML are no longer used.  Instead, GameConfiguration.XML now
  stores all of that information.  The old files are not converted, so you will need to
  restore any of your changes to your startup sequences and game settings manually.
- Inner Space sessions now register and use "On Activate" and "On Deactivate" LavishScript
  events when the session becomes the foreground (active) window, and a background (inactive)
  window, respectively.
- Improved XML reading performance
- Added data types:
- Added data type members:
  int dataset.GUID
- Added data type methods:
- Added Top-Level Object forms:
  dataset SettingXML[GUID]
  innerspace InnerSpace
- Navigation paths generated from a point to the same point now consist of that point
- Extension versions are now checked BEFORE loading, which means no more "Entry not 
  found errors" when LavishGUI is updated, and also that the message that shows in the
  console will be more informative.
Beta 0.998 Build 2808
- LavishScript 1.66 -
- LavishGUI 0.57 -
- Alpha level implemented for GUI textures.  This also fixes a "disappearing textures"
  bug in some games such as EVE Online.
- Pixel Search functionality improved:
  * Search speed should no longer be a major problem, regardless search area size
  * Search can now use a "weight", which defines where to start searching from, and
    searching a radius outward.  The first matching pixel found closest to this point
    will be used.  The added search options are:
    When using -radius, -center is default.  When defining a search box, -upperleft
    is default.
  * Search boxes can be defined instead of using -radius by giving -height # and -width #
  * -radius is now effectively -center, -width (2*n), -height (2*n), and subtracts the
    X,Y position given by the radius.
- Built-in HTTP handling now follows header redirects (Location:)
- Uplink and sessions now have a new HTTPGet command which can retrieve a URL and output
  the result to file, to the console, or execute an atom with the result. 

Beta 0.998 Build 2793
- LavishScript 1.65 -

Beta 0.998 Build 2791
- Fixed issue with navigation point connections

Beta 0.998 Build 2785
- ISXDK v22
- LSModule v10
- LavishGUI 0.56 -
- LavishScript 1.64 -
- Cedega's Win32 API emulation is crap (and incomplete), so I had to make another internal 
  change to work around that for a few Linux geeks
- Navigation system receives a minor overhaul.  Connection tags are now inside Point
  containers, though the ones outside will still work for compatibility reasons.  This
  results in smaller navigation files, and hopefully shorter load time as well.  Additionally,
  each point can store any number of named custom data, via a new "Custom" tag, also within
  Point containers.
- Added data type members and methods:
  * string navpoint.Custom[name]
  * navpoint:SetCustom[name,value]
  * navpoint:RemoveCustom[name]

Beta 0.997 Build 2763
- Fixed incompatibility with EVE Online introduced recently

Beta 0.997 Build 2757
- ISXDK v21
- LSModule v8
- LavishGUI 0.55 -
- LavishScript 1.63 -

Beta 0.996 Build 2747
- LavishGUI 0.54 -

Beta 0.996 Build 2746
- Fixed a rare crash issue with the Memory service

Beta 0.996 Build 2721
- Fixed a crash issue on session shutdown (for example, when a game patcher closes and
  launches the game, or when a game itself closes)

Beta 0.996 Build 2718
- Hopefully fixed issue with triggers causing intermittent crashes, introduced in a recent

Beta 0.996 Build 2715
- LavishScript 1.62 -
- Fixed bug with some games when starting full screen, then switching to windowed, then
  back to full screen.
- Fixed bug that affected at least EverQuest 1 when switching servers

Beta 0.996 Build 2664
- ISXDK v20a - Extensions that provide UI elements MUST be updated
- LavishGUI 0.53 -

Beta 0.996 Build 2660
- Fixed issue with main settings file in sessions

Beta 0.996 Build 2659
- Fixed main program crash issue
- Software Cursor support implemented for use in extensions for specific games that
  use software cursor, as opposed to the Windows cursor

Beta 0.996 Build 2655
- LavishGUI 0.52 -
- User Interface related changes:
  * Fixed bug with saving minimized window position

Beta 0.996 Build 2650
- Fixed stability issues

Beta 0.996 Build 2639
- Fixed bug with RunScriptFromBuffer
- Fixed bug with dataset:Save
- Settings stuff now correctly uses Current Working Directory when creating new files

Beta 0.996 Build 2636
- LavishGUI 0.51 -
- Added data type members and methods:

Beta 0.996 Build 2623
- LavishScript 1.61 -
- Our XML parser now adds a &filename; XML entity containing the current XML filename
  including the path, as well as &filepath; containing only the path (excluding the
  trailing slash). This applies to ALL XML files used by Inner Space (settings, UI, 
  navigation, etc)

Beta 0.996 Build 2621
- Fixed crash issue with unloading/destroying UI elements

Beta 0.996 Build 2618
- User Interface changes:
  * Fixed bug with 'window' element stored positions

Beta 0.996 Build 2613
- LavishScript 1.60 -
- ISXDK v20
- User Interface changes:
  * ISUI has been internally separated, similar to the way LavishScript was separated from
    Inner Space in Beta 0.72.  The GUI system as a whole is now LavishGUI, or LGUI for
    short.  ISUI describes LGUI + Inner Space-specific UI. 
    - Extensions providing custom elements must rename all ISUI to LGUI (ISUIElement is now 
      LGUIElement, for example) or they will just not compile
    Note: User Interface XML files (fonts, user interfaces, skins, etc) do NOT need changes.
          They will work as-is, and so will existing scripts.  
  * The "console" element type has been logically separated from the Inner Space console.
    In the near future we expect this to allow multiple independent consoles.
  * UI elements now have a "Full Name", used in a reverse form like domain names (e.g.
    in, com is the Top-Level Domain, lavishsoft is part of the com domain,
    and www is part of the lavishsoft domain).  However, we are using @ instead of dots.  The
    default console window's output element is therefore "output@console".
  * UI elements can now selectively have their positions stored upon destruction (to be used 
    when loaded next)
  * Window elements now have a useful context menu that can be accessed by right clicking their
    title bar.  They can be locked (size and location), restored to their original position,
    or closed from this menu
  * Added UI data type members:
    - string lguielement.FullName
- Session Pre-Startup and Startup sequences now squelch the automatic command-file execution.

Beta 0.995 Build 2577
- Improved handling of the 5 key on the number pad.  Most of the numeric keys on the pad
  are separately named depending on the state of number lock, but "Num 5" is generally
  called "Num 5" both ways according to keyboard drivers (the US English one anyway) as 
  well as humans.  The technically correct name for the key without number lock on is
  "Clear", which is now the name used by Inner Space to describe the key in that state.
  To reiterate, where 4 on the number pad is "Left" and "Num 4", 5 is "Clear" and "Num 5".

Beta 0.995 Build 2571
- LavishScript 1.55 -

Beta 0.995 Build 2570
- LavishScript 1.54 -

Beta 0.995 Build 2568
- ISXDK v19
- LavishScript 1.53 -
- Fixed issue with removing items from startup sequences

Beta 0.994 Build 2556
- Fixed issue with modifying startup sequences

Beta 0.994 Build 2554
- Fixed incompatibilities with EVE Online, and probably other games as well
- Added games to default game detection list:
  * EVE Online

Beta 0.994 Build 2550
- Fixed incompatibilities with Asheron's Call, and probably other games as well
- Added games to default game detection list:
  * Asheron's Call - Throne of Destiny
  * Battlefield 2

Beta 0.994 Build 2543
- Added games to default game detection list:
  * ROSE Online
  * Flyff
- Fixed incompatibilities with Battlefield 2 and probably some other games as well
  (someone please try BF2 via Add Game and let me know if it works correctly; I'm currently 
   having unrelated problems with it on my system)

Beta 0.994 Build 2541
- LavishScript 1.52 -

Beta 0.994 Build 2540
- LavishScript 1.51 -

Beta 0.994 Build 2539
- LavishScript 1.50 -
- FPS Limiter settings have been added to InnerSpace.xml, and the MaxFPS command now has a switch
  to disable FPS limiting (which is applied only to the foreground or background, depending on the
  command usage)
- extension.Filename now gives filepath datatype
- Fixed bug with hud -add failing with certain characters in the data
- Uplink networking now uses the Windows "Computer Name" as the default name, instead of
  "CHANGE THIS".  Any currently set to "CHANGE THIS" will be updated for this change :)
- The Games and Profiles window is now the Configuration window.  All settings in InnerSpace.XML
  are now available in the configuration window, including startup sequences.
- Games and Profiles now use the new startup sequence system, also available in the configuration
- User Interface Changes:
  * ISUI Version 5. All extensions providing user interface elements need to be compiled with the
    new ISXDK. All others are unaffected.
  * New element types: contextmenu
  * Elements using OnMouseExit and OnKeyboardExit must be updated for the new function prototypes,
    or certain features wont work correctly... but will still work. 
    (this includes the existing Radar elements!)
  * Fixed issue with text sometimes displaying well beyond its intended clipped length (this does
    not affect text that was not intended to be clipped)

Beta 0.993 Build 2519
- Fixed other startup crash in InnerSpace.exe

Beta 0.993 Build 2517
- Fixed startup crash in InnerSpace.exe due to custom settings

Beta 0.993 Build 2516
- Minor LavishScript changes that nobody will notice because it was for features that arent
  documented yet.

Beta 0.993 Build 2515
** We apologize for the many recent changes and additions to the startup sequence, the ISXDK, etc.  
   We are coming to a close on the Beta stage, and preparing these and other things for the official 
   release.  As such, things will stabilize very quickly into their final form.  In the meantime,
   sorry for the inconvenience as things seem to not work and such simply because of changes to this 
- LavishScript 1.47 -
- Removed hud -fontsize switch
- The default UI files (fonts, skin, UI) are now loaded directly in the startup sequence, rather
  than the default startup script.  The startup sequence is automatically updated to reflect this.
- Uplink startup sequence now works
- The startup sequences now work by generating a script in memory and executing the script.
  This allows items in the sequence to easily wait for previous scripts to complete by using the
  new WaitScript command (available only to scripts) instead of RunScript, for example.  The default
  sequences are automatically updated to use this.
- The memory indicator and FPS indicator hud elements in the Default UI now default to non-visible 
  in the UI definition.  This means that simply removing the "hudgroup -show" lines will stop them
  from showing up.
- The "console" bind is now set in the startup sequence itself
- User Interface Changes:
  * Removed "hud" element type, which was redundant.  There is technically no special "HUD"
    in Inner Space, except that the hud-related commands and data types use whatever element
    is named "main hud".  The default interface now uses a transparent "frame" element as the
    main hud.
  * Fixed bug with some text showing up in the wrong places

Beta 0.992 Build 2505
- LavishScript 1.46 -
- User Interface Changes:
  * The ability to draw textured lines is now implemented.  This makes way for upcoming additions 
    to elements including the navigational window

Beta 0.992 Build 2502
- Fixed mouse:SetPosition

Beta 0.992 Build 2499
- Fixed issue with session switching in some games (including EverQuest II)
- Fixed keyboard:Bind

Beta 0.992 Build 2482
- ISXDK v17
- LavishScript 1.45 -
- InnerSpace.XML now contains Startup sequence sets for Uplink and Sessions. The default
  sequences now use "DefaultStartup" and "DefaultPreStartup" rather than AutoExec and PreInit.
  These default scripts are patched.  To make changes, use a separate file and change your
  startup sequence.
 - PreInit.iss, AutoExec.iss and PiP.iss are no longer created by default when IS launches.
  There will be no default replacement for PiP.iss at this time; instead, it will be rewritten
  in a better way, and distributed on ISMods 

Beta 0.991 Build 2453
- User Interface changes:
  * Fixed issue with right-aligned text
  * Fixed issue with resizing window from the right or bottom too far left or upward

Beta 0.991 Build 2451
- User Interface changes:
  * Fixed issue with bordered textures that didnt supply a rectangle

Beta 0.991 Build 2449
- User Interface changes:
  * Minification and magnification filters are once again applied to textures, which
    improves scaled font appearance.  This functionality may be modified in the future
    for selective filtering.
- Improved Win32 mouse clipping handling 
- Improved Force Window behavior

Beta 0.991 Build 2432
- Fixed minor issue with Warcraft III detection

Beta 0.991 Build 2430
- Improved XMLSetting command behavior.  It's a little more friendly now.
- Fixed dataset.GetFloat, which was returning int type instead of float 

Beta 0.991 Build 2429
- LavishScript 1.44 -
- Fixed crash issue with badly formed setting XML files
- Fixed a sometimes convenient bug with absolute file paths working as relative paths
- User Interface changes:
  * Fixed issue with simultaneously pressing multiple mouse buttons

Beta 0.991 Build 2425
- Fixed issue with dataset.GetString, dataset.GetInt, dataset.GetFloat when used with
- Added workaround for Cedega alpha blending issue which prevented all textures from
  displaying correctly

Beta 0.991 Build 2421
- Fixed crash issue with backwards compatibility from build 2417 *sigh*
- Fixed Extension -require
- Fixed message boxes

Beta 0.991 Build 2417
- Restored some further backwards compatibility in deprecated functions for Amadeus ;)
- Fixed navigation system XML reader

Beta 0.991 Build 2412
- Fixed issue with dataset:Save

Beta 0.991 Build 2410
- Fixed settings issue for real this time I swear
- Fixed issue with center and right font alignments not displaying anything (e.g. on buttons)

Beta 0.991 Build 2408
- Fixed settings issue introduced in build 2406
- Fixed game and profile loss issue introduced in 2406

Beta 0.991 Build 2406
- LavishScript 1.43 -
- ISXDK v16
- Fixed Picture-in-Picture resolution issue in PreInit.iss
- Navigation XML parsing, previously more of a dumb HTML parsing, is now upgraded to using
  LavishXML, the same system ISUI uses... which is much better
- The settings system has been also been updated to using LavishXML.  Comments will be
  preserved as long as they are within the XML tree (e.g. must be somewhere inside the
  "InnerSpaceSettings" element or any of its children).  Anything outside of it will be
  ignored, and removed if the file is re-generated.  Sets can now have subsets.  Names
  of settings and subsets must be unique within a set (a setting may not have the same
  name as another setting or subset within the same set, for example).  The outermost
  tag (InnerSpaceSettings) is also considered a set, and can have its own settings.  Any
  set can be exported to a new XML file, and any XML file can be imported to an existing
  or new set.  The system is backwards compatible, except for some conversion done
  internally.  You will notice the lack of ID numbers in newly generated setting XML files,
  other than specific internally-used files such as Games.XML and Profiles.XML.
- Extension command now has a -require switch, which works like the LSModule LavishScript
  command.  If the extension could not be loaded, the current script ends with an error.
- Removed "settingxml" data type.  It has been merged with the "dataset" data type.
- Improved game detection system. Now, game detection is completely done through XML.  The
  file used by default for detection is GameDetection.XML.  Custom files can be set in
  InnerSpace.XML in the "Game Detection" set (use any name, they will be used in the order
  listed) -- you may remove the default from the list.  
- User Interface changes:
  * ISUI Version 4
  * ISUI textures will no longer use min/mag filters.  This removes some unnecessary
    distortion as well as some previously necessary distortion (see next item)
  * Support for custom fonts has been added.  The default font is still Terminal, but has 
    been slightly modified because of the above change, and is defined in the default fonts
    XML file rather than hard-coded.  For another example, the Bradley Hand ITC font, which 
    is variable width, has been added.  Note that some element types (currently just console)
    require fixed width fonts, and will not use variable width fonts no matter how hard you
    try :)  As a result of this change, any UIs or skins with custom font size or color need
    to be updated.  Elements types that are not built in, such as any radar elements, are not 
    immediately affected.  Such elements should be updated by their authors to conform to
    the new system.
  * Window elements revamped. Window is now based on frame, has a TitleBar frame (which
    may contain special minimize, maximize, close, title children), and a Client frame
    (where the useful part of the window stuff goes).  This makes window elements much more 
    customizable.  The draggable area of windows for moving includes any non-child area,
    any empty portion of the title bar, and over the title portion of the title bar.  Double
    clicking on the title bar now toggles the minimize state of the window.  As a result of
    this change, some UIs or skins need to be updated.
  * Base element now allows for more types of element positioning.  In addition to the
    existing "Fixed" and "Percentage" methods, now accepts "Reverse Fixed".  To use this,
    put an "r" before the number, such as: <X>r17</X> which is effectively 17 from the
    right instead of 17 from the left (same goes for from the bottom instead of the top).
  * Increased accuracy of Percentage positioning methods
  * The console window is now resizable height-wise thanks to the element positioning changes
  * Moving the mouse over a tooltip element will now hide it (this fixes issues with tooltips
    sometimes getting stuck visible)
  * Fixed issue with elements that supported single click, but not double click
  * Added element types: table

Beta 0.99 Build 2340
- User Interface changes:
  * Fixed crash issue with listbox element type
  * Fixed listbox slider positioning issue

Beta 0.99 Build 2333
- LavishScript 1.42 -

Beta 0.99 Build 2332
- LavishScript 1.41 -
- Fixed issue with patch notes
- Added data type members:
  * bool navpoint.ConnectsFrom[name]
  * int navpoint.Outgoing
  * int navpoint.Incoming
  * navpoint navpoint.Outgoing[n]
  * navpoint navpoint.Incoming[n]
- Fixed a false negative from navworld:Set
- Added generic stealth routines

Beta 0.99 Build 2311
- Un-fixed EverQuest II bug, and fixed features that were inadvertently removed in today's patch
  (this includes global activation keys, screen resizing features, and a few other things)

Beta 0.99 Build 2306
- Fixed bug with EverQuest II where if the session started in full screen, then was switched to
  windowed, then to full screen again, it would appear to lock up
- Patch notes should now be displayed before (or at the same time as) the message box that asks 
  if you want to patch Inner Space this session

Beta 0.99 Build 2284
- User Interface changes:
  * Fixed issue with default gauge templates causing gauges to always look empty

Beta 0.99 Build 2282
- Fixed error messages in the patch system that should have been automatically handled, such as
  the -17 error when patching two computers at the same time
- Fixed buffer overrun in InnerSpace.exe after launching games several times
- User Interface changes:
  * Added double-click functionality

Beta 0.99 Build 2273
- Fixed saving of "always update" setting
- User Interface changes:
  * Fixed the new RRGGBB color functionality

Beta 0.99 Build 2272
- Fixed issue with default scripts not being created initially
- User Interface changes:
  * Elements that draw colored text (tooltips, console) now accept RGB color codes like so:
    \a#RRGGBB.  RRGGBB works the same as web (HTML) colors.  For example \a#FF0000 is full red

Beta 0.99 Build 2271
- LavishScript 1.38 -
- Inner Space will no longer automatically update itself without your permission.  Instead, a message
  box will pop up and allow you to always patch (yes), patch this time (no), or skip patching this time
  (cancel), but explained in a different way.  This will allow you to temporarily continue using an
  old version of Inner Space until extensions you need are updated.
- ISXDK v15
- User Interface changes:
  * Added "tooltip" element type
  * Added AutoTooltip property to the base element type
  * Fixed "Always On Top"
  * Fixed BorderColor in some elements when textures are not used
  * Fixed templating slider element textures
  * Fixed position and size factored children inside static-sized elements
  * Fixed check boxes with a height less than 16 
  * Fixed horizontal slider handle
- PreInit.iss, AutoExec.iss and PIP.iss will no longer be overwritten by new versions of them.
  Instead, new versions will be output to PreInit.iss.sample, AutoExec.iss.sample and PIP.iss.sample,
  and a message box will simply state that the sample has been updated.

Beta 0.98 Build 2248
- LavishScript 1.37 -
- "Process Frame" service has been merged with the "Pulse" service
- Added recording and playback for keyboard and mouse movements, through a new "Macro"
  command.  This is still in development, but you can test it and report issues
- Various other things that will get more mention later, after we finish them 

Beta 0.98 Build 2225
- LavishScript 1.36 -
- ISXDK v14
- Added Data Types:
  * isuielement
  * isuibutton
  * isuicheckbox
  (rest of built-in UI element types to follow soon)
- Added Top-Level Objects:
  * isuielement UIElement[name]
  * isuielement UIElement[#]
- Fixed "DisplayInfo" crash in Direct3D8 games
- Added -stealth switch to WindowPos command

Beta 0.97 Build 2202
- Fixed issue with per-script squelching which squelched stuff it wasnt intended to
  squelch (echo, some error messages, etc)
- Fixed issue with launching some games, including those using Steam
- User Interface Changes:
  * Text now really correctly shows special characters over 127 in the ASCII chart 
    (which was supposed to correctly show in Build 2162)

Beta 0.97 Build 2175
- Fixed issue with ISUI elements allowing mouse button presses to pass through and
  then preventing release

Beta 0.97 Build 2168
- Fixed crash on game exit
- ISXDK v13c.  Solves extensions having problems re-loading after being unloaded. 

Beta 0.97 Build 2165
- ISXDK v13b.  Any extensions providing ISUI element types are required to be compiled
  with the new ISXDK version (others will simply fail to load, with Windows possibly 
  popping up a message box about not being able to find something)

Beta 0.97 Build 2164
- LavishScript 1.35 - 

Beta 0.97 Build 2162
- LavishScript 1.34 -
- User Interface Changes:
  * Transparent windows (windows with no texture, and backgroundcolor set to 0) will now
    allow clicks to pass through
  * Text now correctly shows special characters over 127 in the ASCII chart
  * When a UI Element Factory is destructed, it will now remove all UI Elements of its
    assigned type, relieving extensions of this burden (if they were compiled with
    ISXDK 13a)  

Beta 0.97 Build 2158
- LavishScript 1.32 - 

Beta 0.97 Build 2157
- Echo is no longer squelched by per-script squelching
- When using triggers, variable portions named * will be ignored and not passed along

Beta 0.97 Build 2156
- LavishScript 1.31 -
- Removed the minimizing workaround intended to prevent the problem where scripts stop
  when some games are minimized due to not drawing
- User Interface changes:
  * Fixed crash issue with window elements using a minimize button, but no close button

Beta 0.97 Build 2150
- Added -clear switch to bind and globalbind commands
- Minor LavishScript fix that nobody but Blazer will notice

Beta 0.97 Build 2148
- Fixed issue with minimizing session windows

Beta 0.97 Build 2147
- LavishScript 1.30 -
- ISXDK v13
- HUDAdd and HUDRemove aliases have been removed.  Use HUD -add and HUD -remove, or create
  the aliases manually
- Fixed HUD -list
- Hopefully fixed issue with alt+tabbing (and such) from a true full screen game causing 
  the game to not respond
- Fixed uplink networking for good
- Fixed texture transparency
- Video capture functionality now allows you to encode the video later, instead of immediately
  after capture.  Encoding is a CPU intensive process and would previously force you to lag
  immensely until the process completed.  To disable immediate encoding, edit InnerSpace.XML
  and change the "Encode Immediately" setting from 1 to 0.  Videos are now temporarily stored 
  in the "Video Cache" folder, each with a unique number.  If set to encode later, manually 
  encode each video with the "Encode" command in the Inner Space Uplink, like "encode 1" to 
  encode the video stored as number 1.  The files will automatically be removed when the 
  video is encoded.
- User Interface changes:
  * Added "Always On Top" toggle to the ISUI base element type
  * "window" elements will now move themselves to the top of their parent's Z-order (e.g. no 
    longer behind other elements).  If the window element is not "always on top" it will remain
    behind any "always on top" elements.

Beta 0.96 Build 2128
- LavishScript 1.29 -
- Fixed issue with uplink networking with pre-existing sessions
- MessageBox and InputBox commands now accept an optional -template switch to set the
  appearance of the window
- Clicking minimize on a game window now simply hides the window, instead of truly minimizing.
  Many games will not render when minimized, which prevents Inner Space from performing
  per-frame operations until the game window is restored.  This change allows natural user
  behavior while preserving the effectiveness of Inner Space
- The script input box now sets the keyboard focus upon popup.  Hitting enter in the input
  box now effectively hits OK for you as well.
- User Interface changes:
  * Added element types:
  * textentry elements created with default text no longer crash on backspace
  * Elements with automatic scrollbars (listbox, combobox, console) now use templates for
    those scrollbars 

Beta 0.96 Build 2112 (Attention all planets of the solar federation)
- Fixed issue with PreInit.iss and AutoExec.iss beginning execution on the following frame,
  rather than immediately.  This fixes issues with file redirection and such, in cases where
  the redirection was necessary immediately

Beta 0.96 Build 2110
- Squelch no longer parses data sequences
- Fixed issue with uplink networking not responding
- Relay "all" now relays to all sessions including remote sessions.  A new "all local" parameter
  for Relay will relay only to local sessions

Beta 0.96 Build 2106
- Fixed "Background Mouse" switch so that it works correctly when set to OFF.

Beta 0.96 Build 2103
- Added "Background Mouse" switch in "Input Systems" for game settings.  This option "Allows the
  game to receive manual mouse position changes in the background.  Disabling this will improve 
  mouse emulation in some games when the game is in the background".  The option is enabled by
- The "Lock Foreground" option now defaults to ON for EverQuest II in new Inner Space installations
- Fixed issue with static lines in text boxes not wrapping
- Fixed issue with texture color mask and color key not being applied from templates

Beta 0.96 Build 2102
- Fixed crash involving messageboxes given a background texture
- Fixed issue with long lines in command entry boxes causing the caret to remain past the end of
  the typing position 

Beta 0.96 Build 2100
- Minor LavishScript fix, for int.LeadingZeroes

Beta 0.96 build 2099
- Corrected mouse issues with video lag, secondary monitor, etc.
- User Interface changes:
  * Templates can now be templated

Beta 0.96 build 2097
- Temporary improvement on a reported mouse problem on secondary display when using mouselook in
  certain games (should be fully fixed tomorrow)

Beta 0.96 Build 2096
- Fixed issue with recent addition to the ISXDK

Beta 0.96 Build 2093
- Fixed mouse emulation issues in EverQuest II (and possibly other games)

Beta 0.96 Build 2091
- Fixed issue with multiple sessions being allowed to have the same name, and modified 
  AutoExec.iss accordingly
- Fixed WaitFor (apparently nobody tried to use it yet)
- Console text now goes through the trigger (and WaitFor) parser
- Added -rescale switch to WindowSize and WindowScale.  When this switch is given (must be before
  other switches), the window will resize without allowing DirectX to reset the display resolution
  to the new size of the window
- Added games to the default list:
  Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
- User Interface changes:
  * Windows with a background color of 00000000 and no texture will be effectively transparent,
    but mouse clicks will not fall through.
  * Fixed click area of minimized windows
  * Added element types:

Beta 0.95 Build 2079
- Fixed navpoint.Note and navpoint:SetNote

Beta 0.95 Build 2078
- Fixed issue with not being able to run scripts from subdirectories

Beta 0.95 Build 2077
- LavishScript 1.26 -
- Win32 mouse click emulation now uses the same delay before releasing the button that the
  key press emulation uses
- Win32 mouse position emulation now ignores manual mouse movement when the window is not
- Added PlanetSide to games supported by default
- Fixed the console caret (aka "cursor") that disappeared  

Beta 0.95 Build 2076
- Added data type members:
  int navworld.LastID

Beta 0.95 Build 2075
- LavishScript 1.25 -
- Uplink networking is now available.  This allows others to connect their uplink to yours,
  allowing them access to relay commands to you, and you to them.  Obviously, this requires
  a level of trust with the other party, and most people will not want to network to anyone
  but their own computers.  With that in mind, this feature is disabled by default and must
  be enabled by changing settings in InnerSpace.XML:
	<Set ID="3" Name="Remote">
		<Setting Name="enable incoming">0</Setting>
		<Setting Name="incoming port">10101</Setting>
		<Setting Name="name">CHANGE THIS</Setting>
  To use the feature at all, change the name from CHANGE THIS to something unique.  You
  cannot connect to an uplink with the same name.  To enable incoming connections, change
  "enable incoming" to 1.
- Added RemoteUplink command
- Fixed crash issue with script text input boxes (using the InputBox command)
- User Interface changes:
  * Added "Templates", used for changing the default appearance of elements and textures.
    See the ISUI documentation for complete information
  * All element types now accept a "Template" attribute.  If no template attribute is
    given, or the template named in the attribute does not exist, the template that has
    the same name as the element type is used
  * Textures now accept a "Template" attribute, and the ColorMask property may be given
    as an attribute to use a color on a templated texture
  * Removed all DefaultTextures tags.  Elements with textures are now textured according
    to their template.  To disable textures in a templated element, use an empty tag to
    remove it.  For example <Texture /> or <TexturePressed />
  * Added element types:
Beta 0.94 Build 2052
- LavishScript 1.24 -
- Fixed InnerSpace.exe crash on exit
- User Interface changes:
  * Added scroll bars (no XML for these)
  * DefaultTextures tags now accept a ColorMask attribute, used like so:
    <DefaultTextures ColorMask="FF00FF00" />
    The color will be applied to each of the default textures used in the given element.
  * Fixed colors in EverQuest II
Beta 0.94 Build 2045
- Fixed navpath.PointName and navpath.NearestPoint
- Fixed redirect not parsing
- Fixed navpath variables  

Beta 0.94 Build 2042
- User Interface changes:
  * Added Orientation attribute to textures.  Can be 0, 1, 2 or 3.  The texture is rotated
    90 degrees clockwise for each # (e.g. 270 degrees for 3)
  * Added new element types:

Beta 0.94 Build 2037
- Added mousewheel support to ISUI.  The console output window will now scroll with the wheel. 

Beta 0.94 Build 2034
- navpath:GetPath now allows any number of additional parameters to concatenate paths together,
  just like the NavPath command
- navpath data type now allows variables to be created
- Added data type members:
  int navpath.NearestPoint[x]
  int navpath.NearestPoint[x,y]
  int navpath.NearestPoint[x,y,z]
- Commands for resizing or moving the game window can no longer be used while the game is in
  real full screen mode
- Added commands:
  (script only) InputBox <displayed text> [default]
  MessageBox [-ok|-okcancel|-yesno] <text>
- Added Top-Level Objects:
  string UserInput: Used in scripts with the above commands to indicate the result.  For Message 
                    Boxes, possible values are OK, Cancel, Yes, and No (NULL if the script ends
                    or message box is killed before answering).  For Input Boxes, the value is
                    the text entered in the box (NULL if the cancel button is pressed, the script
                    ends, or the input box is killed before answering).  

Beta 0.94 Build 2018
- LavishScript 1.22 -
- User Interface changes:
  * Added "text" element type (allows aligned, colored text, with line wrapping optional)
  * Texture ColorMask attribute now works (blends a color into the texture, can be used to make
    colored buttons with the default textures, etc)

Beta 0.94 Build 2017
- Fixed ISUI issue with keys "sticking" (only in the UI) after changing sessions
- User Interface changes:
  * Made window resizing a little more friendly.  To resize a resizable window, drag the border.
    Previously, it was set to the nearest 3 pixels to the border, and was not obvious if you
    were close enough.  Resizable windows have a minimum border size of 3 as well.
  * Windows will now dock to their parent element's edges when moving them.  To prevent this,
    hold SHIFT while dragging the window.

Beta 0.94 Build 2013
- LavishScript 1.21 -
- Inner Space now includes a build number in addition to the version number
- The UI command now has -reload and -unload switches for reloading and unloading specific
  interface files
- NavPath command now accepts additional parameters to add consecutive paths together
- User Interface changes:
  * Textures are now supported
  * Added some new element types (still working on finishing up the basics)
  * Windows can be resizable  

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