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           Inner Space
          Version 1.11
  (c) 2004-2012 Lavish Software

1.11 Build 5511
- Star Wars: The Old Republic compatibility fixes...

1.11 Build 5509
- Star Wars: The Old Republic window and cursor handling fixed, now supporting all
  ISBoxer Window Layout styles! Happy New Year! :)

1.11 Build 5507
- Various compatibility and stability fixes
- Pasting with Ctrl+V should now work correctly in game launchers..
- Star Wars: The Old Republic compatibility improvements for Windows Vista
- Basic support for OpenGL games such as City of Heroes. 
  * Note that LavishGUI does not currently render text or textures under OpenGL
- Fixed an issue with 'Game' names that include a colon... ... -.-

1.11 Build 5496
- Star Wars: The Old Republic compatibility improvements
- Fixed compatibility with EverQuest 2's new launcher
- LavishScript
  * Many additions to the videofeed data types available in sessions

1.11 Build 5475
- Fixed a crash issue with WoW 4.3 (PTR)
- Fixed a crash issue with RIFT
- Fixed mouse clipping related issues

1.11 Build 5472
- Fixed deadlock issues in Champions Online and Star Trek Online
- Fixed double-input issue in Runes of Magic

1.11 Build 5469
- Fixed a crash relating to a recent Windows Update on Windows 7

1.11 Build 5467
- Improved Pirates of the Burning Sea loading time
- Add Game window now checks the given path to ensure that it exists
- WindowFocus command now accepts an optional filter parameter, which can be any valid relay targets.
  Example: uplink focus -next dps

1.11 Build 5464
- Emulated input events (e.g. those generated by ISBoxer) should now be more responsive in certain games such as
  Champions Online and Star Trek Online
- Added game detection for Champions Online
- Input devices
  * Steel Series WoW Mouse (original) is now natively supported
  * Saitek Cyborg keyboard is now natively supported
- Fixed an issue with Inner Space recognizing the resolution selected by certain games
- LavishGUI
  * lguilistbox:ClearItems now implicitly performs ClearSelection, generating the standard events instead of
    silently destroying it. This also fixes lguicombobox retaining its selected text.
- LavishScript
  * New method index:Shift[# position,# places] will make room in an index for # places elements at # position, by
    shifting toward index.Size. The index will not be implicitly Resized, and elements at the end of the index may
	be destroyed.
  * Fixed a bug where index.Expand and index.ExpandComma were not prefixing the final element with a comma or space, 
    when the index is full

1.11 Build 5460
- Fixed an issue with incorrect cursor positioning when sending relative mouse movement to a foreground window
- Fixed Perpetuum being laggy once entering the game
- Added game detection for Perpetuum
- Added game detection for Ultima Online's Enhanced (Stygian Abyss) client
- Fixed an issue with games that use Direct Input for the keyboard (e.g. Dark Age of Camelot)
  where incorrect keystrokes were sometimes sent to the game
- Fixed an issue with file redirection (virtualization) not working in certain cases
- Fixed an issue with game launcher detection sometimes mistaking a game client with a launcher due to the
  folder it was in

1.11 Build 5452
- Input devices
  * Steel Series Cataclysm Mouse is now natively supported
- Compatibility updates
  * Fixed Aion crashing during launch on Windows 7
  * Star Wars Galaxies with ISBoxer will no longer pop up the 'already running' message, even though it will
    no longer exist 6 months from now
  * Fixed a multi-PC mouse broadcasting issue with Lord of the Rings Online
- Fixed video recording again. Sound is no longer muted during video recording.
- LavishScript
  * Queries now understand a NULL value type
  * Added Query operator =~ meaning value and type equality, with == still working for this as well
  * Added Query operator !~ meaning that either the value or type is not equal to the right side

1.11 Build 5437
- Compatibility updates
  * Fixed an issue with the RIFT launcher sometimes crashing after clicking Play
  * Laptops equipped with NVIDIA's Optimus graphics system should now work correctly
  * Some issues with games disappearing instead of launching should now be fixed

1.11 Build 5431
- Fixed an issue with fake cursor rendering not working in EVE Online

1.11 Build 5430
- Fixed an issue with fake cursor rendering (cursor in non-focused windows) not working, usually exhibited with dual monitors

1.11 Build 5428
- Video Feed Viewers can now be made permanent, to not disappear when the window leaves input focus
- New data type members and methods:
- Data Type members/methods:
  * videofeed:SetPermanentVideoFeeds[bool] - set whether ALL video feed viewers are considered permanent
  * bool videofeed.PermanentVideoFeeds
  * videofeed:RegisterOutput now includes an optional bool parameter to indicate permanence

1.11 Build 5422
- Fixed a deadlock in the Uplink sometimes experienced during session launches
- Input Devices now support multiple Key Sets. This makes it easy to expand the number of available key bindings
  for any given input device. This is similar to the hotkey bank switching functionality in the Logitech G-series
  software, which usually has 3 different hotkey banks. There is no limit to the number of Key Sets that can be 
  used per device.
- New data type members and methods:
  * inputdevice input.Device[string name]
  * string inputdevice.CurrentKeySet
  * inputdevice:SelectKeySet[string name]
  * bool lguielement.HitTest
  * bool lguielement.HitTest[int x,int y]
- LavishScript
  * Fixed a bug with using continue in a do/while loop, where it sometimes skipped the first condition
  * New data type members and methods:
    - objectcollection:EraseByQuery[uint query_id] - Erases any elements in the collection matching the given Query
	- objectcollection:EraseByQuery[uint query_id,bool remove_MATCHES] - Erases any elements in the collection
	  that either match or do not match the given query
    - index:RemoveByQuery[uint query_id] - Erases any elements in the index matching the given Query
	- index:RemoveByQuery[uint query_id,bool remove_MATCHES] - Erases any elements in the index
	  that either match or do not match the given query
	- note that although the above methods are essentially the same between index and objectcollection, the
	  method names are chosen to be consistent with existing index and objectcollection Erase and Remove methods

1.11 Build 5402
- Fixed a window sizing issue that affected some games
- Runes of Magic
  * Added "No Patch" profile for Runes of Magic
  * Running client.exe with parameters NoCheckVersion will now properly bypass the Runes of Magic launcher
- Possible fix for EverQuest 1 freezing issue related to mouse broadcasting
- Improved Logitech G13 support now includes all buttons as well as thumbstick control!
  * New buttons G13-UP, G13-DOWN, G13-LEFT and G13-RIGHT can be used as key bindings to bind to the thumbstick
  * The also thumbstick can be interpreted as a DPad control G13-POV, or as X and Y axes G13-X and G13-Y
- LavishScript
  * New data type members and methods:
    - unistring system.ClipboardText
	- system:SetClipboardText[utf8]
	- gdiwindow:PostMessage[int msg,optional int wparam,optional int lparam]
	- gdiwindow:SendMessage[int msg,optional int wparam,optional int lparam]
	- gdiwindow:Paste[optional utf8]

1.11 Build 5395
- RIFT game detection added
- Internet Explorer 9 compatibility update
- Entropia Universe compatibility update
- Improved cross-PC relay throughput. This should drastically improve mouse broadcasting speeds for multi-PC
  ISBoxer users.
- Added "restore" option to WindowVisibility and WindowCharacteristics commands. This removes Maximize from
  the window.
- LavishScript
  * Added "Equal" members to most numeric data types

1.11 Build 5378
- Logitech G510 Keyboard support added
- Direct3D11 support! Tested on World of Warcraft and Lord of the Rings Online
- Game Configuration
  * The "Display Selection" option that had a list of numbers has been replaced by a "Monitor Selection"
    option with a list of your attached monitors, by the name Windows (GDI) refers to them, e.g. \\.\DISPLAY1
	and \\.\DISPLAY2. **The current build does not transfer the old setting to the new setting, so if you use
	this option please update your configuration.**
- DC Universe compatibility update
- Earthrise Beta
  * Mouse fixed
- Lord of the Rings Online
  * Added a workaround for a LOTRO rendering size limit that caused distortion and broke ISBoxer's Instant Swap    
  * "No Patch" profiles will no longer be created for LOTRO. LOTRO no longer breaks when running multiple 
    instances from the same folder, so this is unnecessary
- RIFT Beta compatbility update
- World of Warcraft
  * Added DirectX9 and DirectX11 default profiles
  * Bug fix: Mouse cursor will no longer stay centered after a mouselook (meaning that clicking
    in the game world will no longer appear to center the cursor)
- Relay changes:
  * Relay now accepts "uplink" as a target, meaning the uplink on the current PC
  * Relay now accepts the following operators:
    * grouping: ( and )
    * union: , or |   - examples: is1|is2|is3   or   is1,is2,is3
	* intersect: &    - examples: healers&paladins  or  (is1,is2)&(is2,is3)
	* NOT: ~          - examples: ~is1   or  healers&~paladins 
	* modulo: %   - this operator selects the Nth (1-based) window from a set, e.g.  healers%1 for the first healer
	                in the group, healers%2 for the second healer in the group, or (is1,is2,is3)%2 for the second
					from this set, etc. The value wraps around the size of the set. 
 - LavishScript:
    * The == and != operators, when used in floating point math as opposed to Math.Calc64, now treats any two numbers
	  within 0.00000001 of each other as equal. Note that Calc64 is a misnomer, as its purpose is to provide 64-bit
	  integer math, whereas Math.Calc and all other calculations use 64-bit floating point math.
	* RunScript command now additionally searches in a subdirectory with the same name as the script file
1.11 Build 5326
- Compatibility updates
- Fixed compatibility with Mono, used by the Unity 3D engine
- Dark Age of Camelot:
  * Fixed compatibility with DAOC!
  * Updated DAOC game detection, and added "DAOC No Patch" profile which launches login.dll 
    instead of camelot.exe

1.11 Build 5318
- Mouse "clipping" is now locked off by default (again?). This fixes a reported issue with Star Wars Galaxies
- Fixed an issue with window resizing not working properly in some situations
- Fixed various remaining mouse issues
- Fixed some compatibility issues that may have prevented some people from launching certain (or any) games,
  including those related to Creative ALchemy

1.11 Build 5308
- Fixed cursor positioning issues with various games
- More updates to forced window mode
- EverQuest 1:
  * Inner Space will now automaticaly add the patchme parameter when launching eqgame.exe directly without
    any parameters.
- The Lord of the Rings Online:
  * Fixed the "No Patch" profiles. The correct way to bypass the patcher is to execute TurbineLauncher.exe
    with parameters -usetdm -invoker. Inner Space will now automatically add the -invoker parameter when
	needed (without modifying your profile).
- Dungeons & Dragons Online:
  * All LOTRO fixes now apply to Dungeons & Dragons Online as well
  * Added auto-detection when the game is installed to the default path
- Ryzom:
  * Fixed mouselook
  * Added auto-detection for the game
- Updated development kits to Visual Studio 2010 libraries. Any IS Extensions or LavishScript Modules
  will need to be updated accordingly.
- Fixed some possible causes of "Launcher error -22", and replaced cryptic the error message

1.10 Build 5245
- Fixed cursor positioning issues in Star Wars Galaxies
- Updates to forced window mode (when Inner Space forces a full screen mode game into a window)
  * Fixed a "black screen" issue with switching away and back to a forced window
  * Fixed cursor position issues
  * If a game attempts to launch in full screen mode and fails, Inner Space will automatically
    attempt forced window mode

1.10 Build 5243
- Fixed a crash issue with LOTRO on Vista. This fix probably solves some other crashes as well.
- Fixed the generated LOTRO No Patch profile

1.10 Build 5241
- Compatibility update
- Dark Age of Camelot: Fixed error on Windows 7
- EverQuest 2: Fixed streaming EQ2 client issues, and added EverQuest II No Patch (Streaming) profile.
  Launching the streaming EQ2 client without the LaunchPad requires additional parameters.
- Vanguard: Fixed bugs discovered via ISBoxer
- Fixed crashes with Microsoft SideWinder mouse
- Experimental fix for process launch freezes
- Cursor positioning issues in Aion and EVE should be fixed
- Added a "local" flag for relay groups. The keyword should come after the optional "other" flag 
  and before the relay group.
  * Examples:
    relay "other local mygroup" echo hi
    relay "local mygroup" echo hi

1.10 Build 5170
- This release marks the end of a nearly year-long effort to rewrite the core of Inner Space,
  with many months of extended testing to ensure that everything continues to work after the
  update. If you encounter new issues after this update, please let us know as soon as possible
  so we can correct the problem. Thanks!
- Compatibility fixes for other programs including Fraps, Comodo Internet Security,
  and Symantec Endpoint Security
- Various stability fixes
- Fixed game launching bugs through a massive rewrite of the related code. Please
  report any new issues caused by the new changes, thanks!
  * Star Wars Galaxies DirectX error worked around. The error is usually suppressed by a
    MS Application Compatibility fix. The bug is in Sony's swgclientsetup code, specifically
    a check that wants a) the DirectX version number greater than or equal to 9, and b) the
    DirectX version letter greater than or equal to 'c'. DirectX 10 and 11 have no version
    letter, causing a message to be displayed saying that DirectX 9.0c or later is required.
    Sony should fix the bug in their code (hint: only check for 'c' if it's DirectX 9), but 
    for now we have worked around it by providing a letter greater than or equal to 'c'.
- Aion now works
- Input device support added:
  * Logitech G110
  * Microsoft SideWinder X6 Keyboard
1.09 Build 5039
- Video Capture fixed
- Fixed game launching bugs, including but not limited to:
  * Dark Age of Camelot
  * Runes of Magic
- Added support for older DirectInput games, e.g. Dark Age of Camelot

1.09 Build 5021
- Fixed a bug with UTF-8 character conversions in virtual file names
- LavishScript
  * Math.Calc will now properly give a 64-bit result in all cases

1.09 Build 5019
- Input device support added:
  - Logitech G19
  - X-Keys Desktop (newer firmware)
- Fixed an issue with AltGr on Belgian French keyboard layout in World of Warcraft
- Fixed an issue with string.Escape
- New object methods:
  * bind:Press
  * bind:Release

1.09 Build 5011
- Added support for Logitech G13 buttons

1.09 Build 5010
- EverQuest 1 & 2
  * The voice chat software built into EverQuest will no longer count as an 
    Inner Space session. This also fixes "Inner Space was unable to initialize 
    the session" spam for EQ1.

1.09 Build 5007
- The Lord of the Rings Online
  * Emulated full screen should now work correctly
- Fixed an issue where input may stop responding for some amount of time. Apparently
  there is still an issue with this somewhere.
- Fixed issue with minimizing windows when the window characteristics are locked
  (e.g. by ISBoxer)
- "Fixed" the infamous R6034 error box that some users get with some games
- "Fixed" an issue on Windows Vista/7 where Inner Space would appear to fail to run
  when UAC is enabled, and Run as Administrator is not used.
- LavishScript
  * Math.Calc now returns float64ptr instead of float, meaning an increase in precision
  * Added float Math.Log
  * Script-defined object type changes:
    - New special member "GetFallthroughObject" may now return an object which will be
      used in its place if a member or method of the objectdef does not exist
    - Objectdefs are no longer limited to their host script

1.09 Build 4988
- Runes of Magic game should now work properly. Added a game detection for this game
  in the default install location.
- Languages that were translating incorrectly when typing should now work

1.09 Build 4981
- Various Improvements to the virtual cursor. Inner Space can now be instructed
  to draw the cursor if the game is in the background but would otherwise normally
  show it.
- mouse.Cursor now gives the state of the virtual cursor
- New object members:
  bool mouse.BackgroundCursor
- New object methods:
- New commands in Sessions:
  proclock on|off
  gammalock on|off
- Fixed an issue with the Button-based LastChance events added in 4931
- Added new event in the Kernel:
  * OnCursorStateChanged(bool Shown)
- File redirection now supports relative paths included in the filenames, and also
  supports virtualizing folders by using / as the last character in the original
  filename, e.g. FileRedirect "Logs/" "Logs-Other/". Subsequently, the filename in
  the given folder can be automatically prepended by including text after the slash,
  e.g. FileRedirect "Logs/" "Logs/Other-".

1.09 Build 4961
- EverQuest 1:
  * Removed default profile-based file redirection for eqlsPlayerData.ini and 
    eqclient.ini, which only served to confuse people at this point. Some 
    people will probably complain about this change, but redirection can still 
    be done via ISBoxer Virtual Files or through manual configuration.
  * Fixed a startup crash caused by a race condition in the game.
    Hint for SOE: Window resize handler appears to be accessing the device to reset 
                  it, before the device pointer is stored after CreateDevice.
- The default startup script will now detect whether there is an AltGr key. If
  there is, default binds that would otherwise use Ctrl+Alt will use Shift+Alt
  instead (and thus not interfere with AltGr). 

1.09 Build 4953
- All known EverQuest 1 issues should now be eliminated
- Fixed a few more remaining window management and mouse positioning issues
- Fixed some issues related to "Force Windowed" option
- LavishScript Module API version 18 

1.09 Build 4937
- Fixed some remaining window management and mouse positioning issues

1.09 Build 4931
- ISXDK version 31
  * Extension users: Download new versions of your extensions if available
  * Extension developers: Extensions must be recompiled, with Visual Studio 2008.
- Improved window management
  * Mouse cursor positioning issues should now be eliminated
  * Force Windowed (a Profile option in Game Configuration) should work better
    for some games (notably, EQ1)
- Fixed issue with -nomodifiers in Press command when multiple modifiers should
  be released
- Added new events in the Kernel:
  * OnButtonDownLastChance
  * OnButtonUpLastChance
  * OnButtonMoveLastChance
  * OnMouseWheelLastChance
  These events are identical to the non-LastChance, but fire only if binds and GUI 
  (Inner Space, not game) do not consume the input.
- Kernel input events now additionally include an unsigned timestamp parameter
- New uplink command:
  * Kill <session name>
    Terminates an Inner Space session process by session name 

1.09 Build 4904
- Fixed issue with Mouse1 through Mouse5 not resolving in some cases for 
  Press command
- Fixed session numbering issue with EVE Online in the default startup script.
  Also added a dynamic way to fix similar issues without an Inner Space patch.
- Improved DirectInput compatibility
- LavishScript:
  * Fixed crash in Math processor when there's more values than operators
- LavishGUI:
  * Fixed issue with using SetWidth and SetHeight methods on a Window element
  * Fixed lguiwindow:SetTitle
  * Frames now properly adhere to Left/Right click-through

1.09 Build 4900
- File redirection now properly handles UTF-8 characters in the filenames
- Windowtext command now properly handles UTF-8 characters

1.09 Build 4896
- Lord of the Rings Online:
  * Fixed emulated keystrokes including Num keys

1.09 Build 4895
- EverQuest 1:
  * Fixed mouse positioning issue that previously started at Character Select screen

1.09 Build 4891
- EverQuest 1:
  * Restored full keyboard functionality (no more broken keys that started recently)

1.09 Build 4889
- Lord of the Rings Online:
  * UserPreferences.ini will now be redirected properly if requested
  * International (or non-US English) keyboard layouts should no longer be broken

1.09 Build 4888
- Fixed various input-related issues, including:
  * Num Lock and Num keys should now work properly (including Alt+Num keys)
  * Caps Lock should now work properly
  * AltGr key found on various international keyboards now functions properly. 
    Be aware, however, that as the AltGr key is implemented in Windows as CTRL+ALT, 
    any Inner Space binds using CTRL+ALT will interfere. At present, this includes 
    (by default -- any and all of these can be removed or changed) 
    - CTRL+ALT+# (1 through 0, as many sessions as you have) globally for session switching
    - CTRL+ALT+F for FPS indicator
    - CTRL+ALT+M for Memory indicator. 

1.09 Build 4887
- Fixed various exit-related issues (crash and "ghosting")

1.09 Build 4882
- Relay groups are now automatically linked with Remote Uplinks
- Remote Uplinks should now deny duplicate connections
- Fixed a Remote Uplink disconnection detection issue
- Fixed a crash on exit

1.09 Build 4868
- Fixed (and re-fixed) EverQuest 1 mouse-related issues

1.09 Build 4865
- File redirection will now automatically copy the original file to the new file if
  the file does not exist .
- Fixed a crash in shutdown for G15 or G11 users 

1.09 Build 4862
- Added "all uplinks" and "all other uplinks" targets to relay command
- Remote sessions can now join relay groups
- Experimental support for new X-Keys input devices ( Older X-Keys
  devices are natively supported, but devices using the newer firmware needed
  special handling. I don't have an X-Keys device to test with, but it should work.
- Added PlaySound command
- Added -lock and -unlock to WindowCharacteristics command
- New Command:
  * LockForeground <on|off>
- LavishScript
  - script.CurrentDirectory is now correct during pre-processing

1.09 Build 4839

- World of Warcraft: Fixed virtual mouse positioning issue introduced by WoW 3.0.8
- Added additional output to bind failures
- Added additional output to "Failed to launch" (when attempting to launch an
 application through Inner Space). It now either briefly describes the problem
 or includes an error code that can be reported.
- Added detection for corrupt InnerSpace.XML file. If InnerSpace.XML is corrupt,
 a message box will pop up with the option to delete it and start fresh.
- MouseWheelUp and MouseWheelDown are now available for the Bind and Press commands,
 as well as button events
- Processor command no longer stops processing additional parameters at "only"
- LavishSettings
 - Settings and Sets now support Attributes, which must follow XML attribute name rules
 - New object type:
   * settingattribute
 - New object members
   * settingattribute setting.FindAttribute[name]
   * settingattribute setting.FindAttribute[name,auto-create with default value]
   * settingattribute settingset.FindAttribute[name]
   * settingattribute settingset.FindAttribute[name,auto-create with default value]
 - New object methods
   * setting:AddAttribute[name,value]
   * settingset:AddAttribute[name,value]

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