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Object Type Vitals
Defined By MySQL Module
Inherits none
Reduces To NULL
Variable Object Type mysql
Uses Sub-Types no
C/C++ Type MYSQL *

A MySQL database connection


  • bool Connected: TRUE if connected to a database
  • uint AffectedRows: Number of rows affected by the previous query (see mysql_affected_rows() documentation)
  • uint InsertID: Insert ID of an insert that used auto_increment (see mysql_insert_id() documentation)


  • Connect[host,user,pass,db]: Connect to MySQL database db on host with user/pass, using the default MySQL port
  • Connect[host,user,pass,db,port]: Connect to MySQL database db on host:port with user/pass
  • Ping: Pings the MySQL server (see mysql_ping() documentation)
  • Query[sql]: Performs the given query, ignoring any result set
  • Query[sql,mysqlresult object]: Performs the given query, initializing the given mysqlresult object with the result

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