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A Task system is built into LavishScript as of Inner Space build 6374 (currently within the development build of Inner Space)

Active Tasks are managed by Task Managers, and a Task Manager can restrict the types of Tasks it will accept. Task Types can be defined by Scripts. Tasks can be instant, or can occur over time.

A Task Library contains a list of pre-defined Tasks, for later activation through a Task Manager.

A LavishMachine Package contains lists of Task Libraries and Task Types.

Hello World!

This brief example will output "Hello World!" via a "ls1.echo" Task
variable taskmanager TaskManager=${LMAC.NewTaskManager["mytest"]}
TaskManager:BeginTask["{\"type\":\"ls1.echo\",\"output\":\"Hello World!\"}"]

This will perform the equivalent of

echo "Hello World!"

Object Types for Tasks

See Also

LavishScript Task Types

All Task Types inherit from the base Task Type (which cannot itself be explicitly used)

Primitives provided by LavishMachine

chain - delay - parallel - random - repeat - step


ls1.echo - ls1.runscript

Inner Space Uplink or Session

multicast - unicast - webrequest