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Everquest Tiled


WinEQ 1.38 is a powerful but easy to use utility designed to increase the playability, as well as falicitate multitasking and ability to run multiple sessions of EverQuest.


WinEQ forces your game to play in a window, rather than full screen mode. That means faster switching to other applications, such as an internet browser or chat program, or even another game. That doesn't mean it will only take up a portion of your screen, however. WinEQ Pro provides a window "mode" that causes the window to appear full screen (among other configurable modes)! All the benefits of playing in a window, with the beauty of playing full screen!

In older games, the ability to place the game in windowed mode was considered taboo because it could allow the player to cheat much more easily. In reality, if the player wanted to cheat they would do it anyway (for example, another computer to be used for peeking at a game's network traffic and grabbing otherwise hidden information). Therefore, many older games do not support windowing.

Today, game developers generally realize that people need access to other resources while playing their game (Google, fan sites, instant messengers, email, etc), and potentially playing multiple accounts on their online gaming system (which in turn requires more subscriptions to their service), and that cheaters are far too tricky to let windowing stop them.

Although we do not condone cheating to gain an unfair advantage in a game, we do condone windowing and think it should be an integral part of all social games such as MMOs. Most new MMOs already have the game itself in a window, but as you may well know, WinEQ does not just put the game in a window -- it is capable of much more than that.

World of Warcraft Picture-in-Picture (World of Warcraft is supported only by WinEQ 2, not by 1.38, but the effect is the same)


WinEQ provides configurable hotkeys for various tasks, including switching sessions, mouse release/re-capture (for games that need it), and even more for subscribers for such things as toggling a memory indicator, window borders, window presets, even picture-in-picture! All at the touch of a button -- or a few buttons if you prefer.

Picture-in-Picture (Subscribers Only)

WinEQ provides single-window Picture-in-Picture. Imagine trying to play two characters at the same time, with only one monitor. You can either play in two small windows, or only have one character in view at a time, leaving one potentially vulnerable. With WinEQ, the last game window to be in focus can automatically place itself in a smaller window on top of your current one. This means that for the cost of a small portion of your main window's visibility, you gain a great amount of visibility for your other character, albeit small. The size and placement of the picture window is also configurable.


WinEQ 1.38 Lite Feature Set

  • Forces EverQuest into windowed mode
  • User friendly preferences system puts all available WinEQ options for each game in one convenient and nicely organized window
  • Full EQPlayNice integration allows you to forget about having to re-download EQPlayNice specifically, when a game patch requires an update
  • Keeps a list of up to 50 customizable profiles, each with different settings (EQ Path, custom window title, global activation hotkey, and others) - Note that every window using a particular profile will be in the same position, even right after you finish moving one of them. If you wish to have two windows visible side by side, make sure they use different profiles!
  • Hotkeys for switching sessions, including "Global" hotkeys that can quickly switch to a specific session from any window on your system, help you play multiple characters more efficiently
  • Keeps separate "last EQ login info" files per profile, so you don't always have to retype your game account information
  • Special context menu for the game window lets you adjust settings on the fly! Note: The WinEQ 1.38 context menu will pause EQ while it is visible.
  • Manual mouse release system allows you to use the Windows cursor until manually re-captured, as opposed to EverQuest's system which automatically re-captures the mouse even with a manual release
  • Automatically releases the mouse during loading and zoning (the cursor may not be visible while above the window until loading and zoning is complete, but it is released), and automatically re-captures unless the mouse was manually released
WinEQ with custom resolutions, side by side

WinEQ 1.38 Pro Additional Feature Set

  • Allows resizing of the window
  • Auto-tiling feature allows you to automatically tile EverQuest windows to 4 screen quadrants
  • Picture-in-Picture support allows any WinEQ session window to become a picture window on another WinEQ session window, regardless of whether it is the same game
  • Unbreakable Dual Monitor support
  • Supports 4 window "modes", each with your own window position settings - Normal, Full Screen emulation, Tiny, and Quarter-Screen. Tiny mode will place the current window in 128x96 resolution and "Always On Top" - convenient for browsing the net while playing, and being able to keep an eye on your character!
  • Optional Memory Indicator shows the amount of Video/Texture RAM and System RAM remain, so you know the performance to expect from the game
  • 17 custom resolutions added to the in-game resolution list, including half screen height and half screen width (play two side by side, or one on top of the other!) Note: Your desktop resolution must be at least 1280x1024 to use half height or half width resolutions, because EQ hides all resolutions with a dimension smaller than 512!

System Requirements

  • WinEQ requires Windows 98 or later. Windows XP Service Pack 2 is recommended.

Note: WinEQ 1.38 is ideal for users of Windows 98 or ME. However, users of Windows 2000 or later should use WinEQ 2.0


  • EverQuest uses about 300MB of system RAM minimum per session. Typically, EverQuest players like to play with higher settings, much closer to 400-500MB per session. If you plan to play multiple characters on the same system, keep this in mind!
  • EverQuest uses about 32MB of video RAM minimum per session. Some settings, including resolution and color depth, can bump this up to 45MB on typical systems. If you plan to play multiple characters on the same system, keep this in mind as well!
  • Your video card isn't the only source of video RAM! Spare system RAM can be used to pick up the slack through a BIOS feature called AGP Aperture, or AGP Window. However, there MUST be enough physical video RAM remaining to add another 3D display in order to load another session. The rest goes to loading textures.



Click here to Download WinEQ v1.38

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Basic Usage

Step 1: Install WinEQ

Step 2: Run WinEQ

Step 3: Rightclick the tray icon and run EQ

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