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WinEQ 2 Lite Feature Set
  • Forces EverQuest into windowed mode
  • User friendly preferences system puts all available WinEQ options for each game in one convenient and nicely organized window
  • Full EQPlayNice integration allows you to forget about having to re-download EQPlayNice specifically, when a game patch requires an update
  • 30 fully customizable profiles let you be in control of EverQuest settings for each session, allowing you to use custom EQClient.ini files for each
  • Hotkeys for switching sessions, including "Global" hotkeys that can quickly switch to a specific session from any window on your system, help you play multiple characters more efficiently
  • Keeps separate "last EQ login info" files per profile, so you don't always have to retype your game account information
  • Special context menu for the game window lets you adjust settings on the fly
  • Manual mouse release system allows you to use the Windows cursor until manually re-captured, as opposed to EverQuest's system which automatically re-captures the mouse even with a manual release
  • Optionally allows the game window to keep responding during loading and zoning, whereas normally you would have to wait for them to complete. Consequently stops the mouse from being stuck in a loading or zoning session when you need it in another session

WinEQ 2 Pro Additional Feature Set
  • Allows resizing of the window
  • Auto-tiling feature allows you to automatically tile EverQuest (and other supported games) windows to 4 screen quadrants
  • Picture-in-Picture support allows any WinEQ session window to become a picture window on another WinEQ session window, regardless of whether it is the same game
  • Unbreakable Dual Monitor support
  • Versatile window characteristic options: Border, resizing (scaling), full screen emulation, always on top, tiled mode
  • 10 fully customizable window presets allow quick window characteristic changes
  • Optional Memory Indicator shows the amount of Video/Texture RAM and System RAM remain, so you know the performance to expect from the game
  • 17 custom resolutions added to the in-game resolution list, including half screen height and half screen width (play two side by side, or one on top of the other!) ** NOTE: Your desktop resolution must be at least 1280x1024 to use half height or half width resolutions, because EQ hides all resolutions with a dimension smaller than 512!
  • Video Capture support allows you to take videos of your game, encoded in WMV format