WinEQ2:Dark Age of Camelot

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WinEQ 2 Lite Feature Set

Note: Requires Dark Age of Camelot to be in full screen mode

  • Forces Dark Age of Camelot into windowed mode
  • Currently tested and working with Trials of Atlantis and Classic clients
  • Skirts around DAOC's limit on the number of clients that can run on a single computer
  • User friendly preferences system puts all available WinEQ options for each game in one convenient and nicely organized window
  • 30 fully customizable profiles let you be in control of settings for each session
  • Hotkeys for switching sessions, including "Global" hotkeys that can quickly switch to a specific session from any window on your system, help you play multiple characters more efficiently
  • Allows custom User.DAT files per profile, which store "last DAOC login info" and other settings, so you don't always have to retype or reselect your game account information
  • Special context menu for the game window lets you adjust settings on the fly

WinEQ 2 Pro Additional Feature Set
  • Auto-tiling feature allows you to automatically tile Dark Age of Camelot (and other supported games) windows to 4 screen quadrants
  • Picture-in-Picture support allows any WinEQ session window to become a picture window on another WinEQ session window, regardless of whether it is the same game
  • Unbreakable Dual Monitor support
  • Versatile window characteristic options: Border, resizing (scaling), full screen emulation, always on top, tiled mode
  • 10 fully customizable window presets allow quick window characteristic changes
  • Optional Memory Indicator shows the amount of Video/Texture RAM and System RAM remain, so you know the performance to expect from the game
  • 17 custom resolutions added to the in-game resolution list, including half screen height and half screen width (play two side by side, or one on top of the other!) ** NOTE: Your desktop resolution must be at least 1280x1024 to use half height or half width resolutions, because EQ hides all resolutions with a dimension smaller than 512!
  • Video Capture support allows you to take videos of your game, encoded in WMV format