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  • string If[condition,value when true]
  • string If[condition,value when true,value when false]
  • Allows conditional usage of different strings. The condition is evaluated as a mathematical formula, after which the result is tested to mean either true (not equal to zero) or false (equal to zero). If the condition evaluates to true, the "value when true" is used. If not, the "value when false" is used, if any.


Create a hud element using an if statement

  • hud -add test 300,300 ${If[${Me.Dead}||${Me.Ghost},You are currently dead,You are currently alive]}
This will create a hud element named "Test" at the X,Y of 300,300 that displays "You are currently dead" if ${Me.Dead} OR ${Me.Ghost} evaluates to true, and it will display "You are currently alive" if both are false

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