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The LSModule for IRC has been retired, as has ISXIRC

In its place you should use ISXIM, which is available at


ISXIM is a replacement for ISXYahoo and ISXIRC. It contains the EXACT same features as isxIRC, which is fully documentated at

Forums for isxIRC/lsIRC discussion are located


ISXIM provides all of the tools necessary to transform a script into a fully-featured multi-threaded IRC client to rival any on the internet. ISXIM is also packaged with two highly documented sample scripts that show users how to connect to a server multiple times in the same IS session, join multiple channels, and manage the 16+ events that ISXIM produces. All in all, it is the answer that every IRC user has been searching for.


Although still in the development stages, Yahoo Messenger support in ISXIM provides users with the ability to log into the Yahoo network, send/receive IMs, acquire buddy lists/information and more. Although the Yahoo support in ISXIM is sufficient for the needs of most gamers, development will continue with more features (such as webcam support, conferences, etc.) added in the future.