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The fade Animation Type adjusts an element's Opacity over time to a specified value

Animation properties

A fade Animation uses these properties in addition to those defined by Animation
Animation properties for "fade"
destination An Array with 2 numbers specifying the X,Y coordinate to move to, e.g. [0,0]


Repeatedly fade an element to 50% opacity, and back to 100%
  "type": "repeat",
  "name": "loopBlink",
  "animation": {
    "type": "chain",
    "name": "blink",
    "animations": [
        "type": "fade",
        "name": "fadeOut",
        "opacity": 0.5,
        "duration": 1.0
        "type": "fade",
        "name": "fadeIn",
        "opacity": 1.0,
        "duration": 1.0

LavishGUI 2 Animation Types

Basic Animations
fade - slide - value
chain - composite - delay - random - repeat