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Command Difficulty Rating
Usage Intermediate
Level of Understanding Beginner
Computer Savvy Beginner
Logic Beginner

bind -keylist|-list|-clear|-delete <name> | [-press|-release] <name> <combo> <command>


  • Bind -Keylist lists all keys recognized to be used in binding (based on Locale)
  • Bind -List lists all binds currently set
  • Bind -Clear removes all binds
  • Bind -Delete <name> deletes a bind with that name
  • Bind -Delete <name*> deletes all binds with that prefix
  • Bind [-press|-release] <name> <combo> <command> creates a bind


List all keys available

  • Bind -Keylist
List of available keys:
'                  C                  F22                Mouse5             Page Down    
,                  Caps Lock          F23                Mouse6             Page Up      
-                  Clear              F24                Mouse7             Pause        
.                  Ctrl               F3                 Mouse8             Q            
/                  D                  F4                 MouseWheelDown     R            
0                  Delete             F5                 MouseWheelUp       Right        
1                  Down               F6                 N                  Right Alt    
2                  E                  F7                 Num *              Right Ctrl   
3                  End                F8                 Num +              Right Shift  
4                  Enter              F9                 Num -              Right Windows
5                  Esc                G                  Num /              S            
6                  F                  H                  Num 0              Scroll Lock  
7                  F1                 Help               Num 1              Shift        
8                  F10                Home               Num 2              Space        
9                  F11                I                  Num 3              Sys Req      
;                  F12                Insert             Num 4              T            
=                  F13                J                  Num 5              Tab          
[                  F14                K                  Num 6              U            
\                  F15                L                  Num 7              Up           
]                  F16                Left               Num 8              V            
`                  F17                Left Windows       Num 9              W            
A                  F18                M                  Num Del            X            
Alt                F19                Mouse1             Num Enter          Y            
Application        F2                 Mouse2             Num Lock           Z            
B                  F20                Mouse3             O                  
Backspace          F21                Mouse4             P

List your current binds

  • Bind -List
Inner Space registered hotkeys:
[console] [`] Command (Release): console "toggle"
[memoryindicator] [Ctrl+Alt+M] Command (Release): hudgroup "-toggle" "memory indicator"
[bob] [Shift+N] Command (Press): tiny
[fullscreenkey] [Shift+Alt+F] Command (Release): fullscreen
[normalkey] [Shift+Alt+N] Command (Release): normal
[tinykey] [Shift+Alt+T] Command (Release): tiny
[next] [Ctrl+Alt+X] Command (Release): uplink focus -next
[previous] [Ctrl+Alt+Z] Command (Release): uplink focus -previous

Clear all binds

  • Bind -clear

Delete a bind

  • Bind -delete console
Bind 'console' removed

Create a bind on press

  • Bind -press memoryindicator Ctrl+Alt+M "hudgroup -toggle \"memory indicator\""
  • Bind -press wireframeon f8 "wireframe on"

Create a bind on release

  • bind -release wireframeoff f8 "wireframe off"

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