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As of version 1.08 (released Nov 28, 2006), Inner Space supports loading .NET 2.0-3.5 assemblies in-process. Inner Space build 5513 or later additionally supports .NET 4.0.

  • Note: On Windows XP, Inner Space will only load .NET 2.0-3.5, not 4.0.

Inner Space builds 4463 and later additionally support Just-in-Time compilation of source code, which adds transparency to the existing RunScript functionality. See DotNetScript for information on that functionality.

Executing an assembly

The DotNet command is used to launch assemblies, as well as list active application domains, and close them.

Application Domains

An application domain represents the logical separation of .NET "processes". Any number of assemblies can be loaded into a single application domain, and likewise into any number of additional application domains. Application domains are referenced by name, and there is no restriction on naming schemes. When loading an assembly, use an application domain name of your choice. If you want to load the application into the same domain as another, simply reuse the name. When the domain is unloaded, all assemblies in that domain are subsequently unloaded.

Assembly requirements

.NET assemblies do not have to be specially compiled for usage in Inner Space, unless the assembly needs to use Inner Space API.

Developing for Inner Space in .NET

About Source Documentation

XML source documentation is provided wherever possible for all of our .NET assemblies. This means that documentation for any class or method is available directly through Visual Studio. This wiki may be outdated or may not provide complete documentation, so refer to the source documentation when possible.

You may need to import Lavish.InnerSpace.XML and Lavish.LavishNav.XML (both in the main Inner Space folder) for Intellisense to include source documentation.


API Tree

Only namespaces and static classes are listed below


  1. Creating a simple Hello World app
  2. Adding a LavishScript Command
  3. Attaching to LavishScript events
  4. Wrapping LavishScript objects in .NET



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Visual Basic

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Exposing API to .NET

Known Issues

  • System.Console.Write and friends do not yet filter through InnerSpace.Echo

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