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InputFile -list|-remove <filename>|-add <filename> <file position> [prefix]


Lists, adds, or removes an input file.

When adding a file, file position may be -1 to start from the end of the file, otherwise the position indicates a specific point in the file, starting with 0 for the beginning of the file. A prefix may be given, which would be used to strip the beginning portion of each line in the file. For example, if each line in the file begins with a timestamp such as "[Wed Jul 21 00:02:53 2004] Welcome to EverQuest!", using a prefix of "] " would strip "[Wed Jul 21 00:02:53 2004] " and leave only "Welcome to EverQuest!". This is very desirable -- without doing so, every trigger would need to explicitly handle the timestamp, and would only slow things down in the end.


  • InputFile -list
  • InputFile -remove eqlog_mychar_myserver.txt
  • InputFile -add "c:\\program files\\everquest\\logs\\eqlog_mychar_myserver.txt" -1 "] "
Note: \ is a special character in LavishScript commands. In order to use a \ in a command, follow it with another \.

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