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Scripts are segments of text (such as in a file) that describe processes. Scripts in Fury are files with the extension .fsc that are written in the LavishScript language, usually using the extensions to the language provided by Fury itself (see Fury:Session and Fury:Master).

Copying and Pasting Scripts from Forums or the Wiki

  1. Select the full text for the script
  2. Open Notepad or your favorite text editor
  3. Paste the full text into the editor
  4. File->Save As
  5. If in NOTEPAD or some other editors, you need to pull down the "Save as Type" box and select "All Files" -- otherwise, notepad saves your file with the wrong extension!
  6. Navigate to the Scripts folder, found in your Fury folder. This is usually C:\Program Files\Fury\Scripts
  7. Type the full name of the script in the File name box, for example "Warrior.fsc" or "Slows.fsc"
  8. Hit "Save"

Using an Existing Script

Scripts are started through the RunScript command, and stopped through the EndScript command (unless they are designed to end themselves). Commands are given through the console, and you must use the console for the session you want the script to run on. To do so, right click the Fury tray icon, and under the "Consoles" submenu, find the character name (or session name) you want it to run on. Note that your character must be loaded, and logging must be on for the character to show up in the list! Select the character in the menu, and a console for that character will pop up. Enter the commands as described below -- note that nothing will be displayed when you run or end the script!

For example, if you have a script called "Warrior.fsc", you may start and stop the script like so
  • RunScript Warrior
  • EndScript Warrior

To see a list of scripts currently running, type "scripts -running". To see a list of scripts available, type "scripts -available".

Creating a Script

(see Script Development and Designing Scripts in LavishScript)

Example Fury Scripts

  • Slows.fsc
This EverQuest 1 script announces, through Text-to-Speech, mobs fully slowed by certain spells
function RegisterEvents()
 ; Add each event
 AddTrigger Slowed "@MOB@ slows down."
 AddTrigger Slowed "@MOB@ yawns."
 AddTrigger Slowed "@MOB@ is slowed by the embracing earth."

function main()
  call RegisterEvents
    if !${QueuedCommands}
  while 1

function Slowed(string Line, string Who)
  Speak ${Who} slowed

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