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Pronounce.XML is a simple XML file that defines how to pronounce a word or set of characters.


Pronounce.XML uses arbitrarily-named sections (also known as sets), which each hold lists of pronunciations. Currently, all of the pronunciations given will be applied at startup. Sections are used merely for visual separation and categorization, and should prove useful when sharing pronunciation sets.


Each section of Pronounce.XML, described by the Set tag, has its own unique ID and Name attributes. The Name attribute is currently unused, but must be given and must generally be unique. That is, sets with the same Name will be combined into a single section, but that will not do any harm in Pronounce.XML.


Each setting is given a Name attribute. The Name will be used as the word to be replaced. The text that comes between the start and end Pronounce tags will be used as the word or phrase to be replaced. Any amount of text is allowed as a replacement, but the word to replace must follow certain rules (which will be added to the wiki and linked from here). It is useful to note that, as this is an XML document, certain characters must be replaced by special codes, known as entities, such as &lt; for <, or &quot; for ".


<?xml version='1.0'?>
	<Set ID="1" Name="Fury">
		<Pronounce Name="plugin">plug-in</Pronounce>
	<Set ID="2" Name="Emoticons">
		<Pronounce Name="<3">heart</Pronounce>
		<Pronounce Name=":)">smile</Pronounce>
		<Pronounce Name=";)">wink</Pronounce>
		<Pronounce Name=":(">frown</Pronounce>
		<Pronounce Name=";(">angry</Pronounce>
		<Pronounce Name="^_^">content</Pronounce>

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