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Fury.XML is a simple XML file that defines some overall settings for Fury. Currently this consists only of master plugins to be loaded when the Fury master begins.


Fury.XML uses specifically-named sections (also known as sets) to hold its configuration.


The "Plugins" section is a simple list of file names. Each individual setting in the list will result in a plugin being loaded. Each setting must have its own unique "Name" attribute, which can be anything at all so long as it is unique. Call it Bob or Joe, call it 1 or 2, call it Green or Yellow, it honestly doesn't make any difference. The name isn't used. What comes between <Setting> and </Setting> is what is important. The dll file given will be loaded.


The "Speech" section is currently unused. It will describe the default Text-to-Speech system, voice, pitch, rate and volume.


<?xml version='1.0'?>
	<Set ID="1" Name="Plugins">
		<Setting Name="1">Fury-EQ1.dll</Setting>
		<Setting Name="2">Fury-EQ2.dll</Setting>
	<Set ID="2" Name="Speech">

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