Inner Space Releases

Inner Space version 1.16 Build 6497
Released: 2019-08-12
  • Fixed a bug with the Uplink window freezing when there is an update notice. Sorry about that!
  • LavishGUI 2
    • Fixed Brush ability to interpret colors from "#rrggbb" strings

Inner Space version 1.16 Build 6496
Released: 2019-08-12
  • Fixed a bug with the Uplink window opening at startup. This should only happen with an update notice.
  • LavishGUI 2
    • Fixed videofeed/broadcaster elements sending Mouse2-Mouse5 to non-Inner Space windows

Inner Space version 1.16 Build 6494
Released: 2019-08-08
  • Fixed a bug that caused games to be assigned to CPU 0 for some people

Inner Space version 1.16 Build 6492
Released: 2019-08-07
1.16 Build 6492
  • Inner Space main program stability and performance improvements
  • RIFT compatibility update
  • Lord of the Rings Online detections udpdated for new launcher
  • Dungeons & Dragons Online detections updated for new launcher
  • Inner Space Patcher window replaced
  • Logitech G910 M-keys fixed
  • Wizard 101 launcher compatibility update
  • LavishGUI 2
    • InnerSpace.XML now has a User Interface/Uplink option "LavishGUI 2 Interface" which defaults to "Interface/DefaultUplinkUI.json" and specifies the interface for the Uplink to load.
    • Optimizations and performance improvements
    • broadcaster and videofeed elements now track held buttons to release when broadcasting stops
    • Elements with context menus now do a better job at eating right clicks
    • Content Containers default to border instead of panel
    • Fixed various layout sizing issues
    • Elements with borders now support a "borderRounding" property
    • "code" property in Event Handlers, Item View Generators, and Animation Types now supports array of strings
    • expander arrows now point the correct direction
    • Most elements should now pixel-align, for sharper appearance
    • New element types: table, wrappanel
    • Image filenames now resolve LavishScript
    • textblock and textbox now fire "onTextChanged" events
    • stackpanel "horizontalContentAlignment" and "verticalContentAlignment" now properly support "stretch", with identical behavior to "uniform" which will be removed
    • New Locate flag "visible" specifies that the element (and those on the path to it) must be visible
    • Data Binding system implemented
    • checkbox now includes "checkedBinding" property
    • textblock and textbox now include "textBinding" property
    • slider, progressbar, radialgauge, radialgaugeneedle, scrollbar now include "valueBinding" property
    • textbox rendering improvements
    • Fixed textblock LavishScript parsing
    • Fixed dockpanel padding size issue
    • window elements now have a "hideOnClose" property
    • scrollviewer "horizontalScroll" and "verticalScroll" can now also be set to "fit"
    • bool lgui2window.HideOnClose
    • lgui2window:SetHideOnClose[bool]
    • lgui2element:FireEventHandler[name] / lgui2element:FireEventHandler[name,json] / lgui2element:FireEventHandler[name,json,source element id]
    • lgui2element:BubbleToTop
    • lgui2element.Metadata[TRUE] will create the Metadata object if it does not exist
  • LavishScript
    • Processors command now includes -all switch
    • jsonarray:Erase[#] / jsonarray:EraseByQuery[#] / jsonarray:EraseByQuery[#,bool remove_MATCHES]
    • New events remoteControlSenderAdded, remoteControlSenderRemoved (via LGUI2 broadcaster/videofeed elements)
    • licenseserver:ApplyPatch[branch,version]
    • jsonarray innerspace.RemoteControlSenders

Inner Space version 1.16 Build 6464
Released: 2019-06-26
  • Fixed a new issue with certain DirectX 9 games not hooking properly
  • LavishGUI 2
    • Fixed a crash with hotkeys that remove other hotkeys
  • LavishScript
    • Fixed string.Token when the string begins with the specified token

Inner Space version 1.16 Build 6463
Released: 2019-06-26
  • World of Warcraft 8.2 compatibility update
  • World of Warcraft Classic and Test profiles added
  • AMD graphics drivers compatibility update
  • Lord of the Rings Online 64-bit compatibility update
  • City of Heroes compatibility update
  • Logitech G910 compatibility update
  • New Session Task session.WindowCharacteristics implements behavior similar to the LavishScript command
  • LavishGUI 2
    • New controls pagecontrol, page
    • textbox and textblock now have a boolean wrap property, which defaults to false
    • Fixed text clipping
    • radialpanel now uses tooltips from child elements for the radial items
    • Fixed combobox appearance and popup behavior
    • Improved handling of relative file paths for images and shaders
    • Implemented a Trigger system, which allows the GUI to react to LavishScript conditions
    • Fixed a bug with videofeed element leaving the view enabled after the element was destroyed
    • Fixed broadcaster element blockLocal property
    • Elements with Collapsed visibility no longer take up space during layout
    • LavishScript enum type: elgui2visibility
    • elgui2visibility lgui2element.Visibility
    • lgui2element:Setvisibility[elgui2visibility]
    • elgui2edge lgui2slider.SlideFromEdge
    • lgui2slider:SlideFromEdge[elgui2edge]
    • jsonarray lgui2remotecontrol.Clones
    • lgui2remotecontrol:AddClone[name]
    • lgui2remotecontrol:RemoveClone[name]
    • lgui2animation:SetDuration[float]
    • lgui2animation:SetDurationMS[uint]
    • lgui2animation::SetInstant[bool]
    • lgui2textbox:SetWrap[bool]
    • bool lgui2textbox.Wrap
    • lgui2textblock:SetWrap[bool]
    • bool lgui2textblock.Wrap
    • Fixed missing lgui2checkbox:SetChecked[state], lgui2itemviewgeneratorargs.View, lgui2itemviewgeneratorargs.Error
    • LavishScript object persistence implemented for most LGUI2 types

Inner Space version 1.16 Build 6423
Released: 2019-03-18
  • Added a Game Profile for World of Warcraft Client (DirectX 11 Legacy)
  • Direct3D 12 compatibility update

Inner Space version 1.16 Build 6422
Released: 2019-03-17
  • Windows 10 / Direct3D 11-12 compatibility update

Inner Space version 1.16 Build 6421
Released: 2019-03-14
  • World of Warcraft:
    • WoW 8.1.5 includes a new Direct3D 11 mode, which currently has issues with Inner Space. The new Direct3D 11 mode replaces the previous Direct3D 11 mode from 8.1.0 and earlier by default, and a new "Direct3D 11 Legacy" mode now provides the original mode.
    • To work around this problem, Inner Space now blocks the game's new Direct3D 11 mode, so the game will use the legacy mode instead. The new Direct3D 11 mode will be unblocked once it is fully supported by Inner Space.

Inner Space version 1.16 Build 6419
Released: 2019-03-11
  • Fixed a crash issue with Direct3D 11-12 on Windows 7 and 8, and unpatched Windows 10
  • Star Trek Online / Neverwinter stability update
  • Crowfall client compatibility update
  • Nodiatis compatibility update
  • App fix for Virtual Files (fileredirect)
  • Kill command (Uplink) now alternative accepts an executable filename
  • Game Profiles now have a "Kill Before Launch" option
  • LavishGUI 2
    • Mouse no longer needs to be moved after switching windows in order to recognize the cursor position
    • Fixed a bug with hidden elements accepting mouse focus
  • New Uplink object type members:
    • jsonobject licenseserver.DevBuild
    • jsonobject licenseserver.LiveBuild
    • bool licenseserver.UseDevBuild
  • LavishScript
    • Added taskmanager.BeginTaskLibrary[name] and :BeginTaskLibrary[name] which start an entire Task Library at once under a 'parallel' task
    • iterator:First, :Last, :Next, :Previous now optionally accept 2 parameters specifying -query (or -q) and a query ID. For example, MyIterator:First[-q,12] would move to the first item that matches against query ID 12
    • lmac.NewTaskManager will now silently return an existing Task Manager by the given name instead of NULL when it already exists
    • lmac.NewTaskLibrary will now silently return an existing Task Library by the given name instead of NULL when it already exists
    • lmac.NewTaskType will now silently replace an existing Task Type by the given name instead of NULL when it already exists
    • Persistent object support added for task, tasklibrary, taskmanager, tasktype, taskpulseargs
  • LavishMachine
    • Task Types: ls1.echo, ls1.runscript, unicast, multicast