Inner Space Releases

Inner Space version 1.16 Build 6423
Released: 2019-03-18
  • Added a Game Profile for World of Warcraft Client (DirectX 11 Legacy)
  • Direct3D 12 compatibility update

Inner Space version 1.16 Build 6422
Released: 2019-03-17
  • Windows 10 / Direct3D 11-12 compatibility update

Inner Space version 1.16 Build 6421
Released: 2019-03-14
  • World of Warcraft:
    • WoW 8.1.5 includes a new Direct3D 11 mode, which currently has issues with Inner Space. The new Direct3D 11 mode replaces the previous Direct3D 11 mode from 8.1.0 and earlier by default, and a new "Direct3D 11 Legacy" mode now provides the original mode.
    • To work around this problem, Inner Space now blocks the game's new Direct3D 11 mode, so the game will use the legacy mode instead. The new Direct3D 11 mode will be unblocked once it is fully supported by Inner Space.

Inner Space version 1.16 Build 6419
Released: 2019-03-11
  • Fixed a crash issue with Direct3D 11-12 on Windows 7 and 8, and unpatched Windows 10
  • Star Trek Online / Neverwinter stability update
  • Crowfall client compatibility update
  • Nodiatis compatibility update
  • App fix for Virtual Files (fileredirect)
  • Kill command (Uplink) now alternative accepts an executable filename
  • Game Profiles now have a "Kill Before Launch" option
  • LavishGUI 2
    • Mouse no longer needs to be moved after switching windows in order to recognize the cursor position
    • Fixed a bug with hidden elements accepting mouse focus
  • New Uplink object type members:
    • jsonobject licenseserver.DevBuild
    • jsonobject licenseserver.LiveBuild
    • bool licenseserver.UseDevBuild
  • LavishScript
    • Added taskmanager.BeginTaskLibrary[name] and :BeginTaskLibrary[name] which start an entire Task Library at once under a 'parallel' task
    • iterator:First, :Last, :Next, :Previous now optionally accept 2 parameters specifying -query (or -q) and a query ID. For example, MyIterator:First[-q,12] would move to the first item that matches against query ID 12
    • lmac.NewTaskManager will now silently return an existing Task Manager by the given name instead of NULL when it already exists
    • lmac.NewTaskLibrary will now silently return an existing Task Library by the given name instead of NULL when it already exists
    • lmac.NewTaskType will now silently replace an existing Task Type by the given name instead of NULL when it already exists
    • Persistent object support added for task, tasklibrary, taskmanager, tasktype, taskpulseargs
  • LavishMachine
    • Task Types: ls1.echo, ls1.runscript, unicast, multicast

Inner Space version 1.16 Build 6394
Released: 2019-01-25
  • Star Trek Online / Neverwinter mouse fix
  • Fixed an issue with Game Profiles for Diablo III Client launching the Blizzard App
  • Fixed a bug where Inner Space incorrectly modified existing Game Profiles at startup
  • New setting "Auto-detect Games" under "General" in InnerSpace.XML can be set to 0 to disable all game scanning at startup
  • Star Wars The Old Republic compatibility fix
  • Relay now supports messages up to 64K in length, up from 8K
  • LavishGUI 2
    • Package implementation fixed
    • Added float lgui2layer.FontScale and lgui2layer:SetFontScale[float]
  • LavishScript
    • Fixed some arbitrary character length limitations
    • LMAC Package implementation fixed

Inner Space version 1.16 Build 6383
Released: 2019-01-05
  • Game Detection system replaced. GameDetection.json replaces GameDetection.XML
  • Steam compatibility update
  • Fixed a bug that caused incorrect mouse positioning to be applied when the cursor was moved over the game window's border or caption area
  • Relay Groups are no longer blocked by a session with the same name. Instead, both are included when relaying.
  • Outdated "Macro" command removed
  • LavishGUI 2:
    • Elements will now move to the front of Z-order when clicked with the mouse
    • LavishGUI 2 now includes a HUD concept, currently supporting Indicator Icons and Notification Icons
    • New "hud" element type
    • Tooltips implemented
    • stackpanels are now reversible using "reversed" property
    • "Focus" is now "KeyboardFocus" including in event names and object members and methods e.g. gotFocus is now gotKeyboardFocus
    • Layer now has "MouseFocus" instead of "MouseOver". "MouseFocus" is the element that receives mouse input. "MouseOver" is a state any element has if the cursor is placed over it, regardless of MouseFocus.
    • New element events "gotMouseFocus" and "lostMouseFocus"
    • New element property "acceptsMouseFocus" can be set to false, causing mouse input to fall through (bypass) this element. This does not affect the element's descendants, which can still accept it.
    • Fade and slide animations marked as instant now apply properly
    • Animations no longer default to instant, if neither "instant" nor "duration" is provided
    • uniform stackpanels now correctly take margins into account when uniformly sizing their children
    • The default Skin now uses a stackpanel for tabcontrol headerContainer instead of a dockpanel
    • New type members:
      • lgui2element lgui2layer.HUD, .MouseFocusElement
      • bool lgui2element.AcceptsMouseFocus, .IsMouseFocused
      • bool lgui2stackpanel.IsReversed
      • float lgui2element.Strata
      • bool lgui2dragger.AllowResize, .AllowMove
    • New type methods:
      • lgui2element:SetAcceptsMouseFocus[bool]
      • lgui2stackpanel:SetReversed[bool]
      • lgui2dragger:SetAllowResize[bool], :SetAllowMove[bool]
      • lgui2element:SetStrata[#]
      • lgui2layer:LoadPackageFile[filename], :LoadPackageJSON[json]
  • LavishScript:
    • New mouse members: float mouse.Speed, int mouse.Threshold1, .Threshold2, .Acceleration
    • New mouse methods: mouse:ResetSpeed mouse:ResetAcceleration
    • Implemented a new Task system, based on the LavishGUI 2 Animation system
    • New types: lavishmachine task tasklibrary tasktype tasktypeset taskmanager taskpulseargs
    • New Top-Level Object: lavishmachine LMAC
    • Added bool string.NotNULLOrEmpty
  • .NET API: LavishScriptAPI.LavishScript.ExecuteTimedCommand is now properly linked and working

Inner Space version 1.16 Build 6372
Released: 2018-12-15
  • Direct3D 12 Compatibility update for World of Warcraft

Inner Space version 1.16 Build 6368
Released: 2018-12-12
  • Auto-detect and fix broken World of Warcraft Game Profiles from WoW 8.1 update

Inner Space version 1.16 Build 6367
Released: 2018-12-10
  • Fallout 76 compatibility update
  • Improved cursor clipping behavior
  • Added native support for XKeys XK-80 device
  • Fixed a crash with Direct3D 12 on AMD graphics
  • Fixed a rare crash issue with the new auth system
  • Fixed GIF support in Direct3D 9
  • LavishGUI: Fixed a bug where selecting Console text could freeze
  • LavishGUI 2:
    • Added anchor, commandbox, radialgauge, radialpanel element types
    • Added Animation support
    • Added Vertex Shader support
    • Fixed Pixel Shaders in Direct3D 9
    • Implemented Opacity support
    • New Event Handler type "animation"
    • Fixed "forward" event handlers defined in a JSOn array
    • Fixed a bug with "code" event handlers defined in a JSON object
    • Improved handling of relative filenames
    • element now includes "xFactor" "yFactor" "widthFactor" "heightFactor" properties for percentage-based placement
    • lgui2fontstyle now includes "heightFactor" and "heightOffset" properties
    • imagebox now has a "scaleToFit" property
    • Added tree traversal members to lgui2element
    • textbox implements key repeat, Copy, Paste and Cut, and Select All, also available via context menu
    • Fixed textbox cursor behavior
    • Fixed "multiline" in textbox
    • textbox and textblock now include "textScanner" properties
    • Added lgui2.LoadArrayFile and lgui2:LoadArrayFile which load elements from a JSON Array in a file, instead of a single JSON Object
    • lgui2button properly supports contextMenu
    • LGUI2Layer now fires onMouseOverChanged, onFocusChanged, onMouseCaptureChanged events on its screen
    • Selecting a contextmenu item closes the context menu
    • Item View Generators now support creation from arrays and strings, like Event Handlers
    • New LavishScript types for radialgauge: Added lgui2radialgauge and lgui2radialgaugeneedle
    • New LavishScript types for radialpanel: Added lgui2radialpanel and lgui2radialitem
    • remotecontrols now include "sendForegroundOnly" property
    • Added lgui2anchor, lgui2commandbox types
    • New LavishScript types for Animations: lgui2animationtype lgui2animation lgui2animateargs
    • Added LavishScript enum types: elgui2animationframestate elgui2anchormode
    • Fixed lgui2itemviewgeneratorargs
    • Added lgui2skin:SetTemplate[name,json]
    • Added lgui2element:Clear
    • Added lgui2element:Destroy, which is a shortcut for :Clear:Detach
    • Added lgui2element.XFactor, lgui2element.YFactor, lgui2element.WidthFactor, lgui2element.HeightFactor
    • Added lgui2element:SetLocation[#,#], lgui2element:SetLocationFactor[#,#], lgui2element:SetSize[#,#], lgui2element:SetSizeFactor[#,#]
    • Added lgui2element:SetStyle[name,json] and lgui2element:RemoveStyle[name]
    • Added lgui2element:SetColor[json], lgui2element:SetFont[json]
    • Added lgui2element.Style[name]
    • Added lgui2element.Animation[name] and lgui2element:Animate[json]
    • Added lgui2fontstyle.HeightFactor and lgui2fontstyle.HeightOffset
    • Added lgui2fontstyle:SetHeightFactor[#] and lgui2fontstyle:SetHeightOffset[#]
    • Added lgui2progressbar:SetFillerBrush[json] and lgui2progressbar:SetOverlayBrush[json]
    • Added lgui2brush.VertexShader and lgui2brush:SetVertexShader[json]
    • Added lgui2:RegisterAnimationType[json] and lgui2.AnimationType[name]
    • Added lgui2:LoadTextElementTypesFile[filename], lgui2:LoadTextElementTypesJSON[json], lgui2:LoadTextElementTypeJSON[json]
    • Added bool lgui2imagebox.ScaleToFit and lgui2imagebox:ScaleToFit[bool]
    • Implemented lgui2window and lgui2scrollviewer members and methods
    • lgui2itemlist methods MoveItem, RemoveItem, SetItemSelected, ClearSelection are now properly marked as methods instead of members
    • Fixed bugs with lgui2itemlist:ClearItems
  • LavishScript:
    • JSON Object keys are now properly escaped when generating JSON output
    • Added string.Escape[bool] where string.Escape[0] (or FALSE) performs standard non-LavishScript escaping
    • Added jsonarray:Add[json]
    • Added jsonvalue:WriteFile[filename], jsonvalue:WriteFile[filename,"multiline"]
    • Added ... system.RegistryValue[hkcu/hklm,key,value], which gives a string for REG_SZ or REG_EXPAND_SZ, or a uint for REG_DWORD

Inner Space version 1.16 Build 6336
Released: 2018-10-24
  • The Activate Inner Space window now has a button to switch accounts
  • Fixed minor issues with the new auth system