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Object Type Vitals
Defined By LavishGUI 2
Inherits lgui2layer
Reduces To LavishGUI 2.0
Variable Object Type none
Uses Sub-Types no
C/C++ Type

The lgui2 object type is the main LavishScript interface to LavishGUI 2.


  • ... Element[#]: Retrieves an Element by ID #
  • ... Element[elementName,elementType,locateFlags]: Locates an Element
  • lgui2elementtype ElementType[name]: Retrieves an Element Type by name
  • lgui2animationtype AnimationType[name]: Retrieves an Animation Type by name
  • lgui2skin Skin: The currently active Skin
  • lgui2skin Skin[name]: Retrieves a Skin by name
  • jsonvalue Template[name]: Retrieves a skinned Template, applying the current Skin stack
  • jsonvalue TemplateValue[templateName,valueName]: Retrieves a skinned Template value, applying the current Skin stack
  • ... DataBindingContext: When processing a Data Binding, this is the element or other object that owns the binding
See lgui2layer for additional members and methods inherited by the lgui2 object type


  • PushSkin[skin name]: Pushes a Skin by name onto the Skin stack
  • PopSkin[skin name]: Pops a Skin by name off of the Skin stack, if it is the top of the stack
See lgui2layer for additional members and methods inherited by the lgui2 object type


Load a Skin file
Push a Skin called "test skin" on to the Skin stack
LGUI2:PushSkin["test skin"]
Load an Element file

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Core API (see Using LavishGUI 2 from LavishScript)
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Element Components
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Element Base Types
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