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Object Type Vitals
Defined By LavishGUI 2
Inherits none
Reduces To lgui2brush
Variable Object Type none
Uses Sub-Types no
C/C++ Type void *

A lgui2brush object provides access to a LavishGUI 2 Brush


  • int Color: The Color value applied to the brush
  • elgui2imageorientation ImageOrientation: Transforms to apply to the image
  • string ImageFilename: The filename of an image to use for this Brush, if any
  • int ImageTransparencyKey: The transparency key value used for the image
  • jsonvalue PixelShader: Pixel Shader initialization data, if any
  • jsonobject JSON: The Brush represented as a JSON object


  • SetColor[#aarrggbb]: Sets the new Color value for the brush. e.g. :SetColor["#ffffff"] -- also accepts #rrggbb
  • SetImageOrientation[elgui2imageorientation]:
  • SetImage[filename]:
  • SetImage[filename,colorKey]:
  • SetPixelShader[json]:


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