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Why LavishXML? There's plenty of XML libraries

Simply because we needed something lightweight, only need reading capabilities, and do not need the system to read every possible character encoding under the sun. While other systems are obviously viable alternatives, particularly for products that ship on CDs rather than online distribution, and for technical users who may already have Xerces and such, we feel that doubling the size of our product download is kind of silly when we don't need all those extra features.

How standard is LavishXML?

Well, LavishXML will read ASCII and UTF-8 encoded XML.  !DOCTYPE tags should be sufficiently ignored, though !ATTLIST, !ENTITY, !ELEMENT and !NOTATION are not presently implemented.  !ENTITY will be implemented if someone asks for it (nobody has). Past that, XML 1.1 should be fully implemented and working. As should be fairly obvious by not supporting most ! tags, LavishXML is not a fully validating parser at this time, and does expect the XML input to be well-formed. In most cases, an error message from the parser should be sufficient information in solving whatever problem is discovered.