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  • string Version: LavishNav version number
  • lnavuniverse Tree: The root universe, which contains all other defined regions
  • ... FindRegion[Name]: Retrieves a region by Fully-Qualified Name or search pattern. The object type will be one of the region types
  • ... RegionByID[#]: Retrieves a region by its unique ID. The object type will be one of the region types
  • lnavconnection ConnectionByID[#]: Retrieves a connection by its unique ID
  • bool IsValidName[Text]: TRUE if the given text is a valid region name
  • lnavregiongroup AddRegionGroup[name]: Retrieves, creating if necessary, a named region group with the given name


  • Clear: Resets the entire LavishNav system to contain no regions (other than the root universe), connections, etc.
  • Import[filename]: Imports a LavishNav XML file into the root universe
  • Export[filename]: Exports a LavishNav tree to an XML file
  • Import[-lso,filename]: Imports a LavishNav LSO file into the root universe
  • Export[-lso,filename]: Exports a LavishNav tree a LavishNav LSO file






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