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What is a connection?

A connection is a one-way direct path from one region to another.

Connections may be defined at any time from an existing region to another region, which may or may not exist at the time.

Connection Characteristics

Note on terms used
Attributes and Properties collectively describe characteristics of the connection. The difference is that attributes are defined inside the connection tag in XML, and properties would be sub-tags contained by the connection tag.


  • To
Region name to connect the source region to (context of the search defaults to the source region's parent)
  • AutoLoad
An XML filename to automatically load when the connection is being prepared for use (e.g. by a path search)


  • Data
Any number of custom data may be defined with a given Name as an attribute, and its value contained by the Data tag. Example: Some Value
  • Distance
If this property is specified, the effective distance from the source region to the destination region is predetermined by the given value, and would otherwise be calculated by the center points of the region. This allows connections that are physically distant to be effectively near, or physically near to be effectively distant. This may be preferable for teleports or for multiple modes of transportation (e.g. given an option to take a boat or to fly between the same two regions, one of the options is usually preferable, but both are available).

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