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This data type provides and controls data for ISUI scrollbars.


  • int Value : the value of the scrollbar
  • int Range : the range of the scrollbar
  • bool Vertical : TRUE if the scrollbar is up and down instead of left to right


  • SetValue[#] : sets Value to <#>
  • RaiseValue[#] : raises Value by <#>
  • LowerValue[#] : lowers Value by <#>
  • SetRange[#] : sets Range to <#>




Same as lguielement.Name


Display scrollbar's value and range

  • echo Value: ${UIElement[console].FindUsableChild[Vertical,Scrollbar].Value}
  • echo Range: ${UIElement[console].FindUsableChild[Vertical,Scrollbar].Range}
Value: 0
Range: 500

Set Value of a scrollbar

  • UIElement[console].FindUsableChild[Vertical,Scrollbar]:SetValue[10]
This command sets the Value of the scrollbar to 10

Raise Value of a scrollbar

  • UIElement[console].FindUsableChild[Vertical,Scrollbar]:RaiseValue[20]
This command raises the Value of the scrollbar from 10 to 30

Lower Value of a scrollbar

  • UIElement[console].FindUsableChild[Vertical,Scrollbar]:LowerValue[5]
This command lowers the Value of the scrollbar by from 30 to 25

Set Range of a scrollbar

  • UIElement[console].FindUsableChild[Vertical,Scrollbar]:SetRange[550]
This command sets the Range of the scrollbar to 550

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