ISXDK:Running a Script or Command File

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This tutorial teaches you how to use the RunCommandFile, RunScriptFromBuffer and RunScript function inside your extension.


  • bool RunCommandFile(char *Filename)
  • bool RunScript(char *Filename)
  • bool RunScriptFromBuffer(char *Name, char *Buffer, unsigned long buflen)


Run a command file

  • pISInterface->RunCommandFile("CommandFiles\\")

Run a script from a buffer

  • char TestScript[]="do\n{\necho hello!\nwait 30\n}\nwhile 1";
  • pISInterface->RunScriptFromBuffer("Hello",TestScript,sizeof(TestScript));

Run a script

  • pISInterface->RunScript("MyTestScripts/FirstTest/test");

End a script

  • pISInterface->EndScript("test");

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