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The printf function in ISXDK works exactly like printf in the standard C libraries. printf only sends information to the Inner Space console.


Console now supports colors. Colors are created by \a<code>, where <code> is one of the following:

console color chart
  • y - yellow (-y for dark)
  • o - orange (-o for dark)
  • g - green (-g for dark)
  • u - blue (-u for dark)
  • r - red (-r for dark)
  • t - teal (-t for dark)
  • b - black (clear)
  • m - magenta (-m for dark)
  • p - purple (-p for dark)
  • w - white (-w for dark)
  • x - previous color


printf("ISXTest Loaded");
printf("ISXTest Sample Command");
printf("ISXTest URL %s failed",pReq->URL);
printf("ISXTest URL %s -- %d bytes",pReq->URL,pReq->Size);
printf( buffer,     "\tString:    %s\n", s );

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