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Creating a Test Extension (click to enlarge)

Step 1: Install ISXDK

First you will have to install ISXDK

Step 2: Create your extension

After installing ISXDK, there will be a program called mkisx. The default directory for this is C:\Program Files\ISXDK\bin . I suggest creating a directory in C:\Program Files\ISXDK called extensions, entering that directory, and using the command ..\bin\mkisx <name> to create your first extension (we will use mkisx test for explanation purposes) (See Picture)

Step 3: Load your extension in VS .NET

Opening your extension vcproject (click to enlarge)

Inside VS.NET Use the file menu, open, project, and open C:\Program Files\ISXDK\Extensions\ISXTest\ISXTest.vcproj

Step 4: Compile your new extension

After loading your new extension open the build menu and choose build ISXTest and your first extension will be built.

Step 5: Put your new .DLL into your Inner Space directory

Inside C:\Program Files\ISXDK\Extensions\ISXTest\Release there will be a dll named ISXTest.dll, put it right in your InnerSpace\Extensions folder and now it is ready to go!

Step 6: Load your extension in Inner Space

Open a session of your favorite game, load the console with `, and type in 'ext isxtest' and you should see

ISXTest Loaded
Extension 'isxtest' loaded

Basic information about extension setup

Extension Test commands (click to enlarge)

MKISX provides you with a basic extension already set up to show you how to do some of the basic functions. ISXTest comes with many premade functions for you to work with.. ConnectServices, RegisterCommands, RegisterAliases, etc with a few examples in some of them showing you how to structure and create them. On the right is a picture showing ISXTests basic command code that you can play with as you learn things, or copy and paste to create your own new commands.


There is the basic set up for an extension so now you're free to add anything you would like to it. Other tutorials are available to learn how to add specific things.

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