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Object Type Vitals
Defined By Inner Space Kernel
Inherits none
Reduces To Same as Language
Variable Object Type none
Uses Sub-Types no
C/C++ Type private


  • string Language: Name of the current language
  • string GetString[category,name]: Retrieves a localized string with the given name, in the given category, if both exist
  • string GetString[category,name,default]: Same as above, but will create the category and name if they do not exist, and the string will be populated with the default
  • bool HasCategory[name]: TRUE if a category with the given name exists in the current localization set


  • SetLanguage[name]: Switches to a new language. English will be loaded, then the new language will be loaded (taking precedence)
  • SetString[category,name,value]: Sets a localized string with the given name in the given category, creating both if necessary
  • RemoveString[category,name]: Removes a localized string with the given name from the given category
  • RemoveCategory[category]: Removes a given category (and any settings in it)
  • ExportLanguage[language name]: Stores the current localization set (all categories and strings) as the given language (e.g. give a language name, not a filename)
  • ImportLanguage[language name]: Imports a language into the current localization set, replacing any existing strings with those in the new language

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