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.NET 2.0


Retrieves a URL, to console, file or to an atom
Shows the current Inner Space version number
Instantly close this session


Clear the console
Open, close, or toggle the consoles visibility
Quietly execute a command (nothing shows up in console)
Output text (to the console)
Log all console output


Toggle wireframe mode (does NOT improve performance)
Display current framerate
Display or set framerate/CPU limiter settings
Display information on adapter resolution, current display mode, window viewable size, display scale, and distortion
Sets, stores, restores, resets, or displays the current gamma level


Add, list, or remove a hotkey
Emulate a single key press and/or release
Emulate typing some text
Moves the mouse to a specified location
Emulate a mouse button press and/or release
Used for DirectInput mouse handlers (such as EQ1) to "release" or "capture" the mouse
Add, list, or remove a global hotkey, usable from anywhere in Windows
Change visibility of the mouse cursor
Record or playback keyboard and mouse


Retrieve the shortest path from point A to point B in a given world
Load or unload a navigation file containing worlds and connected points within them
Add, list or remove a navigation point


Load, list or unload an extension
Lists available services and the number of clients attached to each


Add, list or remove XML settings (similar to .INI)


Triggers are now directly available in LavishScript. This section will be removed

Add a text trigger for event-based scripts
Removes a text trigger previously added with AddTrigger
Used in scripts, pauses execution until given text is found or a specified amount of time passes

User Interface

Add, removes, or lists elements in the heads-up display
Hides or shows a group of HUD elements
Modify an element in the heads-up display


Set or display window position
Set or display window size
Set window size based on the game's set resolution
Set window frame style (and therefore ability to drag to resize the window as well)
Set window title
Move window above or below others, or "always on top"
Adds an icon to the system tray for this game
Used to prevent the mouse from leaving the window (not used for DirectInput systems such as EQ1)

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