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This data type provides and controls data for LGUI fonts.


  • int Height : font height
  • string Name : name of the font
  • int Color : font color


  • SetHeight[#]: 0-96 - if you use 0 it will set it to the default for the font
  • SetName[text]: text can be any acceptable font interface name, default are terminal, fixedsys, and "bradley hand itc". default fonts are located in inner space\interface\defaultfonts.xml
  • SetColor[#]: set the color of the font with <#> in hex format <e.g. FFFFFF00>
  • EnableBold: Enables bold
  • DisableBold: Disables bold
  • ToggleBold: Toggles bold status




Same as lguielement.Name


Change a font for an element

  • UIElement[main hud].FindChild[fps].Font:SetName[fixedsys]
This command changes the font of element "fps" to fixedsys

Change a font color to red

  • UIElement[main hud].FindChild[fps].Font:SetColor[ffff0000]
This command changes the font color of element "FPS" to FFFF0000 (red)

Change a font height

  • UIElement[main hud].FindChild[fps].Font:SetHeight[30]
This command changes FPS's font height to 30

Display the font type

  • echo Font Type: ${UIElement[main hud].FindChild[fps].Font.Name}
Font Type: terminal

Display the color of an element

  • echo Color(in hex): ${UIElement[main hud].FindChild[fps].Font.Color.Hex}
Color(in hex): ffff0000

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