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Command Difficulty Rating
Usage Beginner
Level of Understanding Beginner
Computer Savvy Newbie
Logic Beginner

TimedCommand <delay in tenths of seconds> <command>


Executes a command after a specified amount of time, given in tenths of seconds. This does not pause execution.

Please note that TimedCommands operate on a Global scope. In practical terms, this means that TimeCommands cannot operate on Local or Script scope variables.


  • TimedCommand 10 "echo One second has passed"
  • This example WILL work because the variable has global scope.
declare GlobalVariable int Global 0
TimedCommand 20 GlobalVariable:Set[1]
  • This example will NOT work because the variable does not have global scope.
declare ScriptVariable int Script 0
TimedCommand 20 ScriptVariable:Set[1]

Although the following will work fine:

TimedCommand 20 Script[MyScript].Variable[ScriptVariable]:Set[1]

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