massive fps loss using innerspace

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massive fps loss using innerspace

Post by isacc1919 » Fri Dec 02, 2016 2:20 pm

So reinstalled innerspace on new machine and now either the fps or lag is so bad that eq 1 cant be played in it. I can run several full screen normal windows without it with zero lag and good fps so i dunno what the deal is. ive tried every cpu strat there is and nothing worked. I am also ran the sensor suite adn nothing is bottle necking it.

Any and all help woudl be appreciated

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Post by Lax » Fri Dec 02, 2016 3:16 pm

You're using ISBoxer? This should actually be posted on the forums for best results.

By your post I assume you have found this:
HOWTO: Tweak your framerate

You've mentioned that you
1. checked the CPU Strategy, and
2. checked for CPU/GPU/RAM bottlenecks

So that's a good start but certainly not the whole list. :)

Other things from the page:
1. Did you check your Windows Power Profile? If it's not set to High Performance, or your CPU is otherwise being throttled (this would usually pop up a message when you launch ISBoxer Toolkit), this could easily drop your FPS, and in conjunction ISBoxer's FPS limiting it may not appear to have a CPU bottleneck.

2. In-game configuration. ISBoxer will use a different copy of the eqclient.ini file you usually play with (though it starts by copying it), so be aware that you could possibly have different quality/performance settings and this could affect your "I can run x number of windows without it" comparison. You can reset any of those copies (which will again re-copy from the main eqclient.ini's current settings) by opening your EQ folder, and finding eqclient-??????.ini. There would be one for each ISBoxer "Character"

3. Window Layout. Do you have multiple monitors? Multiple video cards/GPUs? Single dual-GPU card with SLI? There are gigantic performance hits involved.

4. Other running software. If it's none of the above, chances are you have another program that has some kind of incompatibility. We typically ask for "Compatibility diagnostics" from ISBoxer's Help menu to help diagnose that.

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