Guild Wars & Inner Space 0.90

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Guild Wars & Inner Space 0.90

Post by Lax » Wed Apr 27, 2005 8:21 pm

Inner Space 0.90 was released last night, but updated tonight to auto-detect and properly handle Guild Wars.

No doubt many users will want WinEQ functionality for Guild Wars. At this time, I do not plan to extend the games supported by WinEQ 2 -- simply because it is a major pain to do so. In the coming months, WinEQ 3 will be available, which will be based on Inner Space, and will have access to the vast array of games that Inner Space supports (note that Inner Space supports more games than we even know about, and works with the majority of new games simply by clicking Add Game). With that being said, WinEQ 3 will be just as easy to use as WinEQ 2 (if not easier), but with a wider range of supported games, more features, and some bugs eradicated ;)

Lavish Software subscribers, however, do have the option of using Inner Space instead of WinEQ 2. Inner Space does have the same features as WinEQ 2, and has WinEQ's most popular and useful hotkeys set up by default. It is currently directed toward the more technical-minded users as far as configuration, but is far more powerful than WinEQ 2.

Also of importance, Inner Space 0.90 is another major step for Inner Space. This release greatly improves compatibility and opened the doors to supporting many games via "Add Game" that would not work so easily before :) Out of about 40 games tested, Inner Space works perfectly with nearly all of them with "Add Game" (though this doesn't mean that some individual features like forcing windowed mode works with all of them).

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