New to WinEQ, need advice what version to choose.

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New to WinEQ, need advice what version to choose.

Post by Warborn » Fri Sep 16, 2005 12:44 pm

Hello all,

What I would like to acheive is to play EQ1 (one account only) in full-screen windowed mode and be able to run other apps on my comp (like Internet Explorer) and being able to easily alt-tab and switch mouse between them.

Currently when I try to use EQ native windowed mode capability, the EQ window looses sharpness and switching windows and mouse pointer become bugged frequently.

Now my question - which WinEQ should I use for this and is Lite version enough or I need to subscribe?


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Post by Lax » Fri Sep 16, 2005 1:02 pm

WinEQ 1.38 is solely available because it works on Windows 98/ME. If you use a real operating system like Windows XP, just use WinEQ 2.

Subscription is up to you, depends on exactly what you want. If all you want is what you stated, then maybe the free version is for you. The sharpness issue is something that is not solved in a) EQ's windowed mode or b) EQWindows and therefore is also not solved in c) WinEQ 1 or 2 Lite. It is solved in the pro version. You can alternatively use a lower resolution for EQ than your Windows desktop size, and it will be sharp.

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