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Post by NorenForLove » Fri Sep 01, 2017 6:16 am

Dont know where else I can post this. I have waiting for like 5 days for my trial. I want to see what this programm can give me but ... where is my key? I even send an e-mail to but recieved NO ANSWER!

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Post by Lax » Fri Sep 01, 2017 8:04 am

Hello. Thanks for posting here, I love it when people act like jerks about free trials in public.

Here's your e-mail
Hello! I waiting like 3 days for trial to take a look at your programm and it was said that 1-2 hours maximum. So ... what's wrong?
It says first-time trials are generally approved within a couple hours. Everyone who sends me this type of message conveniently leaves that out.

Your previous trial was in fact approved less than an hour after you submitted an application. (As described.)

A week later, you attempted to log in to the account, received a message, and you immediately went to to create another account and apply for another trial. No more than 5 minutes later. That means you no longer fit the description of a "first-time" trial.

This post is nothing more than an inappropriate message, from someone attempting to cheat the system. Far from the first time this has occurred.

You received NO ANSWER because I am spending every waking moment on fixing WoW at the moment, rather than respond to e-mails that do not necessarily need a response -- I typically assume the person has read the "first-time" part of the sentence and is attempting a ruse. ("That wasnt me that had a trial just last week and ended just minutes before I signed up this new one, it was my friend/brother/sister/cousin/dad/dog/aliens")