EverQuest: FileRedirect vs INIRedirect ?

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EverQuest: FileRedirect vs INIRedirect ?

Post by meggen » Fri Apr 07, 2017 9:25 am

Hi Lax,
I had a question about setting up file/ini redirection, but then I found your reply, below, which most cleared things up.
Just a couple of questions.
1) what is the difference between FileRedirect and INIRedirect ?
(I'd like to redirect a UI_charname_server.ini file, for EverQuest, so that different profiles can log in the same character but have different screen layouts. So, would this be FileRedirect or INIRedirect?)
Also, would I have to add this redirect to the PreInit script or in the profile ?

2) You mentioned using a switch in the PreInit script ?
It's actually built in by default with a clean installation. In the PreInit sequence, the FileRedirect and INIRedirect commands are used to redirect basic file i/o and ini i/o. Here's what happens in the default PreInit.iss:

FileRedirect eqlsPlayerData.ini "eqlsPlayerData-${Profile}.ini"
INIRedirect eqclient.ini * * "eqclient-${Profile}.ini" * *

So the eqclient.ini file that gets used by default is actually
eqclient-EverQuest Default Profile.ini
and each profile you create automatically uses one with a similar name because of the ${Profile}

There's ways to set it up per profile to use something else. For example, you could comment out (or remove) the INIRedirect line in PreInit.iss, and instead in the Profile settings (through the Games window) for each profile, type out the entire line (or paste and edit it) with the file you want, and save it. Like so:
INIRedirect eqclient.ini * * "eqclient-eolewis.ini" * *

Yet another way would be to use a switch in the PreInit script, but that would make it look too complicated and I'll just explain that if you ask about it

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Post by Lax » Fri Apr 07, 2017 12:24 pm

Use FileRedirect. If you're using ISBoxer the answer is "add a Virtual File, you can use the Virtual File Wizard". ISBoxer always uses FileRedirect, it never uses IniRedirect.

INIRedirect is like a version of FileRedirect that ONLY works on .ini files and ONLY when the game accesses it with the .ini file APIs. But it also gives a coul FileRedirect will always work.
Also, would I have to add this redirect to the PreInit script or in the profile ?
Ummm I would just add it to your Game Profile in the pre-init sequence? There's also a folder you can just put scripts in to auto-execute during preinit or init

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