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Multiple profiles

Post by izusaga » Tue Jan 29, 2013 4:23 pm


I've read the Wiki, but the specific question I have does not appear immediately available.

I have setup two custom profiles:

EQ High (main character, I like eye candy: High texture, all models, sound, etc. Assigned EQClient.ini

EQ Low (bots): Low textures, just horses/elementals, no sound. Assigned EQclient2.ini

I created shortcuts and run the characters. Regardless of what the .ini says, for example if the INI specifically states all models are set to FALSE, when I load EQ High and then proceed to load EQ Low, EQ Low's EQclient2.ini is automatically updated to reflect SOME of the graphics settings in EQclient.ini (specifically, Luclin models). I'm getting very unpredictable results. Additionally, if the last shortcut run was adjusted in any way through options then it applies it to whichever profile is loaded next automatically.

How do I properly configure the profile settings to accomplish what I am attempting to accomplish without it continually resetting the .ini files?


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