Cant see the mouse cursor? Read this first!

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Cant see the mouse cursor? Read this first!

Post by Lax » Fri Oct 28, 2005 8:25 am

Prior to the 10-27-2005 patch of EverQuest, the mouse cursor was a "software" cursor. This means that EQ was turning off the Windows cursor, and displaying its own. Now it uses "hardware" cursor (the Windows cursor). The problem here is that WinEQ was set up to keep the cursor hidden while the EQ mouse was active, to stop the "why do I see two cursors" issues and such. And the reality is that EQ still uses the old mouse code with DirectInput instead of completely switching to Windows API to handle clicks; it pretty much just shows the windows cursor instead.

So that's why a non-patched WinEQ will NOT show the mouse.

The fix is to patch it, BUT the datacenter our server is at screwed something up yesterday and we're getting a lot of packet loss. No, the site is not slow, no our bandwidth is not saturated, we're just losing a lot of packets. Losing packets on a connection (e.g. when you connect to download a file) makes the connection choke its speed, so each connection progressively slows as packets are dropped. The WinEQ patch is available, but until we can get them to fix this problem, it will be difficult (but not impossible) to download it through the patcher.

In the meantime, you can grab a fully-patched WinEQ 2 installer from a link the main page (in the first news item). You dont need to uninstall, you wont lose any settings, just run the new installer and it will set you up with the new files.

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