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WinEQ 2022

Post by Lax » Fri Feb 18, 2022 10:34 pm

WinEQ 2022, an agent for Joe Multiboxer (, is now available for testing via This requires JMB build 6861 (now live). Here's a direct link to the download! ...

WinEQ 2022 can import your WinEQ 2 settings and manage launching and switching between EverQuest 1 windows! Some of the features have not been fully implemented yet, but the basics are all in!

WinEQ 2022 is open source! While Joe Multiboxer itself is not open source, agents are! Anyone with a little tech savvy can make changes, implement new features, and even share with others.

There's also active discussion about WinEQ 2022 in the Joe Multiboxer section of ISBoxer Discord, and in #wineq2022 channel on Lavish discord

Installing WinEQ 2022 is easy! Get Joe Multiboxer, and select WinEQ 2022 from the Suggested Agents window :)

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