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Account policies

Post by Lax » Thu May 22, 2008 10:27 am

I would like to remind all of our customers that we enjoy providing our services to you, and that we appreciate the honesty most of you display in not sharing your account or using personal accounts for commercial purposes.

Unfortunately, some freedoms most of our customers have enjoyed for years are at risk due to the dishonest few.

We recently reduced the 10 PC limit on personal accounts to 5. The number of personal accounts that actually use 5 or more PCs for personal purposes can be counted on one hand. In the coming months, this policy will be more strictly enforced, but we will also be allowing personal accounts to increase the number of PCs that may be used by their account. Further details will be available before the change is made.

On the commercial licensing front, our pricing for smaller operations is immediately being reduced, and commercial accounts will be able to purchase subscriptions and upgrades via the web site sometime in the coming months.

Also, any commercial customers that are currently abusing personal Lavish Software accounts should be aware that they are at risk of being permanently barred from using our services, and that we will not be so lenient in enforcing this policy in the near future. If you come clean on your own, this will be easier on you.

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