PayPal payment processing problems

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PayPal payment processing problems

Post by Lax » Sat May 17, 2008 9:17 am

PayPal recently (May 15th) did some maintenance or an upgrade to some of their merchant systems. Unfortunately the change they made introduced a bug that is causing PayPal to incorrectly report that some payments are invalid. Lavish Software is just one of many merchants affected by this bug.

Luckily this bug is not too dramatic for us, and has not been affecting TOO many payments. However, it is affecting several payments daily, and will continue to affect some payments until PayPal engineers solve the problem. If your payment does not go through immediately, please be patient as we must manually verify and enter the payment information. I get notified by e-mail and by cell phone text message when this bug affects your payment, so unless I am asleep or otherwise incapacitated, I try to take care of it within a few minutes. If you are worried, please feel free to e-mail me as is suggested by the subscribe page, and I will email you back when the payment has been applied.

They claim that fixing this problem is a top priority. For anyone interested in following the debacle, here is a link to the official PayPal blog post regarding the bug: ... d=201#M201
And here is a link to a thread on the PayPal developer network forums with complaints from other merchants who are losing reputation because of this newly introduced PayPal bug that harms systems that have been in use and working as instructed by PayPal for years: ... ing&page=1

Again, this is not TOO problematic for us and we have it under control, but please be aware that there is a PayPal bug that has been affecting subscription purchases for a few days, and will probably continue for a few days.

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