WinEQ 2 for World of Warcraft unsafe? (Update: No!)

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WinEQ 2 for World of Warcraft unsafe? (Update: No!)

Post by Lax » Tue Jul 24, 2007 7:23 pm

Lavish customers have been enjoying the use of WinEQ 2 for window management for years. WinEQ 2 does not affect gameplay for any of its supported games. It is a tool that facilitates playing multiple characters on a single PC, by adding hotkeys for window switching as well as quick window sizing and resizing, and other such features. It provides no unfair advantage over other players with the same number of accounts.

Today, Blizzard banned accounts that were using WinEQ 2. It is my belief, and hope, that they did so unintentionally. Based on my current information, I believe they were looking for d3dx9_30.dll (part of DirectX) in attempt to detect Inner Space. Both WinEQ 2 and Inner Space use that d3dx9_30.dll. They may have banned the accounts solely for having d3dx9_30.dll.

Unfortunately, unless new information on this matter comes forward, or the bans reversed, WinEQ 2 support for World of Warcraft may be discontinued and disabled.

Update: It appears as though Blizzard is reversing the bans on WinEQ 2 users' accounts. Please continue reporting any information relevant to this activity.

Final Update: WinEQ 2 users are reporting that they were given their account back, plus 2 days added to their World of Warcraft subscription for the trouble. If this is not a clear indication that it is OK to use WinEQ 2 with World of Warcraft, then I don't know what would be.

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